Meizu jack: persecution of economics

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life is like a play, all by acting. Mall is a battlefield, marching, actually how also depends on some of the acting. Have a song, called “pompous”, the lyrics are wyman: “people inside the more gentle and quiet, the more become not ignore, oneself to make accident… “.

life logic, the cruelty of war and curing a zero-sum game for a long time under the mood, in this age of mass is good at forgetting, more and more enterprises and entrepreneurs are vanity fair which scores, they are passive or active deducing the persecution of the image, of course, there may be of hysteria.

this performance more and more, when questioned, they will not Gu Yuanwei pushing all the criticism to the competitor with the facts, said, this is bad black I; See competitors launch, they will jump out from time to time, poured cold water, bask in the sun presence; Even when bored, they will also be appropriate, find a few gunmen, do one or two over the plan, with Tang Jike’s attitude, giant spear stab to windmill…

, for example, jingdong, they will be in June when sales promotion Hitwise, flow beyond the day we said the cat, but after a month of POP, but hinted that day cat, taobao monopoly market… Chaoyang park about Tan Wensheng, for example, when it is no longer popular, tomatoes, liu also to low-key, low-key, low-key, again not tweeting, he will be in June 18, dried tomatoes, chaoyang park, about liu, though tomatoes may not be his house balcony what kind of… Again, for example, meizu jack, he most like jobs in legend, the dragon head and stern, but abstract into a BBS ID called j. Wong, he is always hidden behind the screen and shelling millet with lei jun from time to time, his words, such as the bible, with stars all the time…

a media elder once said, “today’s Internet no secrets, no, no black and white, you spend on other people, other people also in the consumer you”. We call this kind of spirit, the entertainment edition by delusion of persecution, in essence, this is the entertainment of the spirit of mutual consumption. Anyway, life is like a play, see for yourself, or for others to act.

there are more and more enterprises and entrepreneurs, developed the persecution paranoia, behind this trend, and its special reasons, we might as well analysis, this distortion the logic behind the inevitable.

first of all, the competition pressure, industry there is black.

do you remember last year by the Zhou Hongyi agitation of the spray millet? At that time, the meizu MX2 conference, CEO Bai Yongxiang introduced in this one the most j. Wong products, but also dig at 1: we don’t sell futures, catering to the masses. Remember last year August 15 farce? Liu sarcasm with suning, both sides responsible for the spread of public relations, head of the company are black and blame each other each other is the “land, sea and air water army”, water.

the world xi, all for profit, bustling world, all for, business competition is cruel war, zero-sum thinking inertia, driven by interests, black is often seen, in the retail industry, home appliance, true blood knife see also is just one of those things. In contrast, the competition of the Internet, everyone is doing ZuiZhang, civilization a lot. This is indeed a historic progress, such as 3 q war a knife and stabbed to each other’s core business competition is also rare.

second, this is the people happy. Anyway, don’t watching too big things.

to analyse various hot issues on the net, mass communication sometimes seem cheap and an intellectual, people are keen to see street fighting, two people onlookers, will from time to time to her a few times, spray a few words. Weibo era, more and more entrepreneurs to strengthen personal brand, strengthen for enterprise brand for book.

again, rectify the morale, to fight the war.

any enterprise, pay attention to corporate culture and values, business competition, such as marching, want is morale of neat. Morale of neat, when the enterprise culture shape, virtual fantasy or shaping a strong enemy is necessary. Ares Zhou Hongyi, prick silk image displayed for ever, at the same time, he also successively set up rogue software for 360, tencent, baidu such enemies, even before the baidu protracted saga, he will draw the lei jun with millet, do a skirmish, 360 for machine – in fact, 360 for zero millet, is guan gong qin shubao, ectopic war, we might as well as even compete with baidu search, war mobilization.

for meizu, it’s a set of communication strategy, two core, one is j. Wong, labels, one is “millet”. This is also around the “enemy”, ceng millet bonuses. Millet 1 conference, has a “jack” remember the daming lake, j. Wong and lei jun grudges throwing, so will the meizu mobile phones with millet bound together, with the millet mobile phone and a strong wave propagation, meizu phone can also be a rising tide lifts all boats.

how is not important, important is how to fondle public sentiment. Prefer drama personality traits to the masses, have sympathy for the so-called the inertia of the weak, so, can build the hatred between, meizu have beefing up thought space.

as a result, the other side of the “suffer persecution complex economics” is a “hate” economics – this mode, the enterprise to win the audience support and growth, has finally been representational made in think animosity.

it’s technique is not complicated but effective: create hatred from gossip, anyway, each large, bottom thicker rivals in unprecedented business model pioneer period is not moral to respond inexcusable charges. Repeatedly to his audience to strengthen an idea: our present difficulties, we suffer setbacks, everything was brought about by the enemy, the enemy is that we all not equal to idea, the root of misfortune, want a good life, then down with them! Hence, millet is the enemy, because it “theft UI secrets”; Zte is the enemy, because he “plagiarism” shape; China mobile is the enemy, because it is difficult to meet the meizu requirement for machine cooperation contract, so it is “evil”…

sin to see the world, the world is a sinner.

of course, the meizu of policy makers is a wise man, they strengthened the meizu is weak, first is the mindset of persecution, next, and constantly deified, strengthening j. Wong brand, will he symbolization, abstraction, because jack never show up anyway, shenlong see a missing tail, j. Wong seems to be “no”, but more means everything “have”. He is a label, is an abstract symbol, is a BBS of the brand value of ID, so, his “golden body not broken” enough.

this arrangement of subtlety is that it to the user, the audience constantly strengthen the impression and a kind of logic: j. Wong has originality, true temperament, he is the embodiment of innovation and art – j. Wong and meizu represents dreams, representing the noble morality, and is the embodiment of Chinese industry only, so never be pure, justice, I justice, namely my enemy is the enemy of the world – now the meizu dream unrealized, is because of the enemy, and j. Wong and meizu is the industry’s dream, the enemy must be removed.

you can also see more sights, meizu official BBS points against each other in the wind, dissent blaming each other, what’s interesting is they have different theories and arguments, but both claim that is good for meizu, their claim that respect, admire j. Wong. Launch a fight, enabled users, j. Wong also had good time.

it is so, every time millet mobile phones have spread tide, meizu also tend to “persecution” attitude, by j. Wong ID, spread out his disdain for millet and anger. Because this seems to be difficult to her flat, this life has also become the meizu phone sense an important support. And in order to help the loyalty of fans, to obtain development thrust, meizu have always need to have the enemy.

this “persecution” attitude and founder of the enterprise marketing, are often tied up. But the founder of marketing, business marketing is not a simple spelling language not astonishing die endlessly.

now, it seems, smart entrepreneurs should also be adept control public opinion, in a freely, when he knew when to attack the conspiracy, know how to camouflage ChengYang seeks the plot, how to open plan to achieve the purpose of the plot, others know how to make use of intelligence in the name of an intellectual, know how to use genuine mindless fans. Just now, it seems, smart people less and less, in other words, he already into play too deep, escape not to come out.

so you see, j. Wong from time to time in its own territory (meizu BBS) on said to the user, with no love, don’t like to roll. So you can see, on behalf of the official voice of meizu officer finally reached the insults at the degree of aggressive competition.

at the moment the king cannonballs KuangPen “buy millet 3 is no brain prick silk”, opened the indiscriminate attacks competing goods consumers. Measure, is probably millet 2 s to carry 13 million cameras 32 gb version of the price of 1799 yuan, drove MX2 again the price to 1699 yuan a month, meizu was a huge fear – the industry analysis, meizu have 30-500000 MX2 inventory, to the great pressure and dealer channels, jack without as ever to keep beautiful posture.

all of a sudden, “farewell my concubine” in cheng butterfly, he, I do not know when is the play, when is the life. Life is like a play, play as life, shopping malls such as stage, also only, not too deep into the play.