Meizu is how business story?

article/Xie Pu

business is telling the story. How to tell good stories, meizu is interesting example.

on November 27, 2012, MX2 conference, meizu CEO Bai Yongxiang a “phone” we don’t sell futures, tuyere millet again to public opinion. In “kerosene” and “unknown the truth of the crowd” collective kickback, meizu greatly outweighed millet.

the meizu success from zhou, a change propagation on the decline, the reason is that the network transmission is “an intellectual” and “bad” and “brutal”, of course, it also has a free, for good, and many other good side. At the end of the day, zhou is a master transmission, the mood, he succeeded in stirring up network will be a specious phone “futures” concept, and label millet, contracted and visualize the communication content.

the meizu show, conveniently, also have do jack and lei jun feud background. Is known as the j. Wong MX2, also desirable Nemesis – it’s conference, whether it is a form, or the atmosphere, are clearly aimed at millet. Meizu is smart for its own story made two key words: j. Wong and silence (wabi-sabi).

first say, peace, the words derive from the dharma (theravada) 3 laws of India. Wabi () the original refers to get away from it all, monasteries in solitude, sabi (silence) means “cold”, “poor”, “fall” in plain English, “silence” is the summary of the design of meizu philosophy.

the term of “silence”, let the meizu at least temporarily leading millet – in the form of design, 雷军谈 too many, he is also a very attention to aesthetic feeling and design of CEO, unfortunately, in the past he was repeated for his own design seriously, did not make it summarizes and rise to the philosophical level. Tagging, easy to spread, and philosophy, for the brand, means that style.

wabi-sabi is style is good, but, you will lose is lost – not too many people know it, for consumers the meizu, this word is not so easy to understand. That is to say, meizu next need to do is, how to further will be wabi-sabi silence more to get the audience recognition.

the meizu of another tag is j. Wong, jack. Meizu conference, working in repeat this tag. Of Steve jobs at apple, jack to meizu, meizu is the subtext of the story. Millet lei jun is a businessman, investor, but he has enough, plus Zhou Hongyi “ulterior motives” of deconstruction, lei jun has been mixed, he is not a perfect brand conduction.

and meizu jack j. Wong, because he never showed up, shenlong see a missing tail, he is “you” means everything. He is a label, is an abstract symbol, is a BBS of the brand value of ID, so, his “golden body not broken” enough. Now, in the case of millet, lei jun had to do, or to preach, but to maintain his position at back a refund – you can even let the “m” rabbit carry more emotional connection link enterprise brand and consumer intelligence.

recently, meizu exposure “don’t like to get” crisis, it also encountered a lot of netizens poking fun at – in fact, we might as well put this as an opportunity, meizu need to say, “boss jack is true temperament, personality, he only focused on the product itself”. In mythology, abstraction j. Wong at the same time, also can add some tangible feeling of flesh and blood to the story. , creating a perfect is false, the context of network fault means that sense of reality.

millet’s Story is a populist, enough silk, millet is supposed to be a next door like the Internet, BBS, there are all sorts of technology of the toy technology enthusiasts, and meizu Story, it is j. Wong, it is enough.

all solid things gone, all the holy things were violated. Myth is the biggest crisis – wire. This is also one of the biggest variables on the meizu brand communication in the future — – excessive apotheosis, is always Zhou Hongyi, Mr Luo to eliminate “poking fun at emperor”. Also as a result, the biggest challenge the meizu, not lei jun with millet, but silk, is zhou, Mr Luo, muzi mei.

the American scholar bloom of the western Canon to western literature is divided into four times: theology, noble, democracy and chaos. We might as well also to divide the smartphone – the guy called Steve jobs, mythical Story tell us about the iPhone, samsung also provides people with a “noble”, “international brand” sense of superiority, and millet, huawei, lenovo, is people’s carnival. As for the shanzhai phones, presume that this is the confusion of market inevitably exist. Enough good in the world, and also choose difference exists.

the meizu and millet are two completely different companies – they tell a different story, meizu is mobile, high-quality goods smartphones, and millet is the Internet, box, look, the TV, cell phone more than high-quality goods, it has more content. Wabi-sabi and j. Wong, is also doomed, meizu is a short and beautiful story, become a big story, but it is good enough.

in China, to have enough patience to make good products, should be given enough respect, millet, meizu, alike.