Meizu gaining slanging match shell millet without the bottom line

hunting cloud network August 7 news

yesterday, sending two equivalent to meizu technology official weibo, tone up every empty shell millet. Meizu accused millet work without the bottom line, meizu and millet for “fire”.

on July 31, hunting cloud network in the industry first reported the meizu boss jack on the official BBS meizu public shell millet, millet said in order to succeed by hook or by crook, no limit.

“it lower limit is more concerned, may be the bottom line is more likely to stand out, success often require by hook or by crook.
But this is not my pursuit, like heavy taste classmates please see clear this is meizu BBS, please don’t like flies in the buzzing, elder brother want to shoot dead you “

jack’s comments response quickly won the millet, millet, vice President of science and technology Li Wanjiang responded: “no bottom line”? Red rice phone appears to have let someone “no pants”. Persecution paranoia is illness, have to cure!

yesterday, meizu official sending two weibo:

Taps or not, always there, flies buzzing brats, back or not back, attitudes are there, shining as the heart, ten or eleven o ‘clock, that is the focus and always let people look forward to.

# # YY headed by evil Yin is also a kind of crime, while someone is drunk. Fantasy users really believes in no the bottom line is to save the world; To fly fly and grandiose hype, even steal the user experience and long-term interests, undermines real solid person for product for the user’s sweat and effort. In the face of such trade without the bottom line, meizu even “no panties” also want to fight!

the meizu official directed at millet. The personage inside course of study says, because involves personal between lei jun and jack, meizu have deteriorated and millet will not stop.