Market value of billions of 360 already ashore?

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute noon words

popular “ticket” mobile Internet era, who get tickets means in the era of mobile can warm and well-fed. But for all Chinese startups and BAT away almost all Internet companies, the first thing to solve the “shore”, can only solve the problem of survival ashore. Market value of billions dollars a sign is considered to be ashore, the BAT, netease and 360 close to shore.

before netease with “yi letter” blockbuster, high value once rushed to billions; In a known as “Great” after the second quarter of 360 is finally took the billion-dollar club.

although compared with BAT nearly 50 billion or even billions of market value, is tiny billions, Zhou Hongyi themselves modestly: value of billions is just a number, 360 is just a small start-up companies. But the BAT three mountain, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Chinese market conditions, “thorn” 360 can go to the “billions” is not easy.

a large number of users is an important reason, 360 by Wall Street’s favourite from the second quarter earnings data, 360 PC products and services in the total number of active users reached 461 million, mobile security product of the total number of smartphone users reached 338 million;

while 108% of revenue and profit rose 372%, or 360 the success of the business model is verified and mature; On Wall Street the most significance of mobile terminal, 360 basic layout is basically completed, in addition to the 360 mobile phones guard + 360 assistant + lightning the layout of the search, not as tencent micro letter Q + hand; But more than 91 + mobile search baidu + light with more reality and has a sense of pattern. These are 360 market value of billions and continue to trend higher, on paper strength.

worth billions implications for 360, maybe nothing, at least Zhou Hongyi says, he thinks small than good, 360 “don’t want to grow up”, hope 360 is a small business forever.

the ecological environment of China’s Internet is relatively weak, all out of breath big mountains, and entrepreneurship and innovation environment is poor, 360 growth environment is particularly bad, due to the entrepreneurial process often move big cheese and constantly “bad”, so often hit and under siege, has not been killed is a miracle. Billions worth marks 360 identified the influence his inheritance, has a certain industrial value and viability, but does not guarantee future rest easy.

360 is a rely on innovation, surprisingly, and dare to “palace” living company, as a “small” company will have a good time, but after billions market value will become a big company, the most easy to lose is innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, not the user supreme and cannibalism, followed by loss of sex Wolf, small property, if so, to the survival of 360 environmental consequences.

so zhou sober, billions market hasn’t 360 cross between life, he hope that 360 will always be a small company and start-up companies. He declared: 360 never listen to investors, in innovation, product, market, etc., we only listen to the user, boost revenue earning more money is not the 360 target, also is not the primary target of 360 search specific business is more and more useful to users is a primary goal, as long as the user needs to us, we will be able to live on.