Maps can be integrated with the mobile Internet, your product still alone?

phone map whether the entry of the mobile Internet, one of the problems, to now also don’t have an exact explanation. But in people’s life, maps give the life of people brought great convenience, whether “have no sense of direction” or travelling, maps have played a role can not be ignored. Baidu navigation and gold war between navigation after put on the map voice gradually didn’t, but it was gradual fusion with the application of mobile Internet, is formed on the basis of map service products.

I was in the dark war, mobile map map application tendency fadein “a mentioned maps to present social fusion, street view, third-party applications, combined with the electricity and so on several big trend. But the mobile Internet is changing all the time, according to the author, the map is currently in multiple mobile application to make the combination of products related to the map.

map with browser

roots iresearch released “2013 China mobile browser q2 quarter industry analysis report, according to the scale of 2013 q2 quarterly mobile browser users keep slight growth, in June 170 million, the per capita use 2.4 times per day. Browser occupies more and more important position in the mobile Internet, the combination of it and map will be how?

in a grade of “the night” in a browser plug-in, it opens at interface, can enter a scan after divided into “boy welfare” and “girl’s favorite” two kinds big. Users click on scan can be in accordance with the “welfare” boys and girls love to display different content, which contains the hottest graphic content, nearby users to watch video, all kinds of content such as code, men and women of different, the content of the show also is different.

your browser made full use of the function of the map, the browser also has certain social attribute, the nearby users are doing, it is also very friendly, according to the difference between men and women show different gender different contents of the user, the browser has become rich and colorful.

map and video

, including baidu maps, PPS, love in the a few video applications are developed using map related functions, such as “radar”, the function such as “near”, fully combines the advantage of the maps.

mobile social applications such as WeChat applauded, Momo, etc, combined with the function of map, the map can let mobile social product social attributes, and the combination of video and map, to a certain extent, also let video application has the social attribute, so it is not a “dead” mobile applications.

map enhanced mobile social attribute

the combination of map and browser, mobile applications such as video, where the advantages of it? The author thinks that: the combination of map and a mobile application advantages is to make mobile applications with certain social attributes, increase product social attribute, allow more users to participate, to form a network around the map users.

the mobile Internet is not like the PC products, pure one-way output, such as news, games, video, etc. Mobile Internet users notice is, others are doing and what what other people are reading, others are playing games, it has a process of the bridge, people called mobile social networking.

news client access voice comments function in application, mobile phone music software access shake function in application, video access function of radar in the application. In December 2012 – June 2013 mobile phone users all kinds of mobile phone application utilization rate more than 30% of several major applications, are more or less adds its social attribute, and these social attributes are ignored in PC or no.

map to increase the social attributes of related mobile products, allows users to know, what he nearby people watching, playing games, watching what video, although not to let the user directly with the user communication function, but these applications into a “living” in a flash products, it is no longer a single direction, pure crude output of product.

map can combine with which a mobile application?

(1) mobile electrical contractor. According to iresearch, according to data from 2013 Q1 China mobile shopping market scale will reach 26.66 billion, year-on-year growth 250.3%, mobile electrical contractor in full swing and electricity of the PC market competition becomes inverse ratio, the growth of the mobile Internet led to the increase of mobile shopping users.

the combination of mobile map of electricity and greatly reduce the distinction between online users and offline. I’ll give you describe such a scene: in the office, a woman with just bought a skirt to show off there, then the entire office of women envy envy hate, are asking where to buy, “elder sister not buy clothes, elder sister buy is showing off”. If mobile electricity can be combined with the function of the map, users can know, probably near people buy what, at this time, another user to show off the capital and the oneself also can buy the right products at the same time.

(2) mobile game. Hand swim it should be said that mobile applications to liquidate the most intuitive products, while social applications users widely, but there is no hand to liquidate or directly, props to spend money on, die costs money raised, including also need to purchase a special scene, it is the easy on cash.

the combination of mobile game with the map function, can be a team, can be combined, it can even restrict the user places, let users can only limit in a certain area, let the user have the possibility of contact with geographically (one thousand I give out the next door boy, don’t know he was going to be rushed to beat me… ). Currently on the market situation is: hand swim manufacturer no maps, didn’t have a map of manufacturer good hand tour.

(3) the network literature, and music. Based on the product accumulated user interests, it is easier to make resonance between users, especially like music, literature, this kind of product, it is easier to make some gourmet lovers together, map provides the possibility of both offline encounter.

map accuracy problem has always been in question, including the user to the river, and unknown road, etc., even Google map so eat to the case. The combination of map and a mobile application, it is good to circumvent the recessive off the map, users do not need to know to play a game with him is living upstairs or downstairs, as long as it is near the line, it can provide users with offline encounter opportunities, can know what people are using this mobile application, this is the best fusion map and mobile applications.

map products because of their functional, technical and development cost, can’t let all manufacturers to do map, map itself has products manufacturers will benefit competition on the map, but no other maps, or cooperate with existing, or it’s been engulfed by has a perfect map function of manufacturer.

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