Malicious software growth of 614% a year, Android into a main target of attack

for many years, the smartphone with a variety of mobile malware has maintained the development trend of “go hand in hand”. Recently, however, from the world’s leading networking and security solutions provider, Juniper networks, according to a survey of mobile malware has been “lead” in upgrading of smartphones.

Tuesday, Juniper networks in the third year the Mobile Threat Report (Mobile — kyoui Report), from March 2012 to March 2012, the global handset malicious applications accumulated more than 276259, up 614% from a year earlier. So in the previous year’s survey, this number is only 155%.

it is understood that the survey data from the 1.85 million mobile applications, as well as the shortcomings of several mainstream operating system analysis results.

report further pointed out that Internet crime has clearly presents the collectivization and the development trend of intelligent and professional. With the development and popularity of the mobile operating system, as the popular trend of mobile phone system, malicious software has become the main target.

according to the analysis company Canalys pointed out that the current Android accounted for 60% of the smartphone operating system market share. (in addition, apple’s iOS accounted for 19%, Microsoft WP system accounted for 18%.) Mobile malware creators have Android as “the first publishing platform”, of which 92% of malicious software is designed specifically for Android “development”.

in addition, the Android ecosystem fragmentation is also another reason why it has become a target of malicious software. According to statistics, by the end of the march this year, only 4% of mobile phone users to upgrade to the latest Android version. And use the original system (such as Android2.3 gingerbread and Android4.0 ice cream sandwich system) of users, because it could not get Google released the latest security patches, vulnerable to malware attacks.

of course, this is not to say that other system of mobile phone can “rest easy”. Juniper in the report clearly pointed out that not only the iOS system may exist in malicious software, even apple’s app store is not completely immune. But compared with apple, “preference” malicious software to send one or more decentralized, more open Android system. However, none of this means iOS more security than Android.

in addition, most of the “scam” user because be fool, send information to the malicious software maker’s number. According to statistics, in the case of malware attack, through the spread of the SMS trojans accounted for 48%, false security procedures (29%), malicious Trojan spy software accounted for 19%.

report further pointed out that Google Play, Skype, Adobe Flash, Angry Birds such as the application has become the malicious software maker’s main mock objects. Recently a fake “naughty pig” Bad Piggies, Bad “malicious programs should appear in the Google Play’s popular game list.

“targeted” to prevent malicious software, users should avoid as far as possible from a third party app store download application, upgrade the system version or download patches in a timely manner. In addition the user set the corresponding access, banned some malicious application show the user’s personal information on your mobile phone.

Juniper networks mobile threat, director of the center for Troy Vennon said: “there is no doubt that the mobile Internet has become the main power in the change of industry structure. But it also brings new security hidden danger at the same time, we have found that there are more and more malicious software makers are coveted “black” profits in this field. As network threats in the PC era, the future of mobile malware applications will present the development of more advanced way.”