Make so much noise! Soufun blocking the sina in the checking team bus

March 11, hunting cloud network news

“with sina joy this morning in the house to see, the results of the car had been blocked by another competitor. We netizens welcome media competition, but the media should have product competition. If soufun general staff blocked, you can understand, because the pressure of employees. Pretty funny is hear soufun is general manager of the traffic jam, modelling also. Soufun excuse me, have you considered netizens feel beauty? Smile dead, people also to music in the side.

This is sina le in the checking team yesterday netizens “wow – small rabbit” posted a tweet. Then sina official microblogging forwarding in zhengzhou, and wrote “I’m sorry, but we are too stupid, it took four years to let the developers in the trust of the zhengzhou sina, netizens like real estate website. I’m sorry, but we are too stubborn, never start to now has been sticking to “happy house” idea, only do real estate good waiter. I’m sorry, but we are too incompetent, can sell MOE, making no scene.”

sina directed at soufun no bottom line in competition.

“the same city, in addition to soufun, sina music in such a big real estate website, still lurked a large number of local site. Internet real estate business competition is vicious.” Industry insiders said.