Ma: WeChat relationship with mobile phone QQ not substitute

the author: ke-xin wang

May 7, 2013 global mobile Internet conference held today, tencent, chairman of the board and CEO ma at the conference, said the mobile phone QQ and WeChat not substitute each other, but the self-renewal and differentiation.

phone QQ and micro letter is not substitute each other

ma teng said, WeChat with mobile phone QQ are not much different from the beginning, WeChat the relationship between the original import chain are all QQ relationship. And people’s mobile phone there are huge, real relationship chain, namely the communication relation chain. WeChat let a mobile communication relationship chain and accumulated more than ten years of the Internet into relationship chain, formed a more rich, more real-name relationship chain, this is the biggest difference between WeChat and QQ.

WeChat and QQ the second difference is the voice communication. All the past QQ no voice communication function, by typing. Voice communications make WeChat experience and there is a big difference in the traditional mobile phone QQ.

ma said that in the past, mobile phone QQ action is slow, the biggest problem is the organizational structure, QQ, mobile phone QQ, QQ space in three different divisions, do one thing it is difficult to integrate several products. Tencent did the organization structure adjustment, to solve the above problems. “Can’t blame products do not good, but not straightens organization.”

ma, said the mobile phone QQ product line has fully comb again, dissimilation competition and micro messenger. Both not substitute each other, but update themselves. He also revealed that active mobile phone QQ account nearly twice as much as micro letter.

tencent got is mobile Internet platform ticket

the host ask ma: “a lot of people to embrace mobile Internet era, not we don’t know the age, but why every time an empty, and you can have a full, this is what is to rely on intuition or judgment, or ability?”

ma replied, tencent has also hold a lot of things, including the early years of e-commerce, search. Tencent is the earliest and best business instant messaging and online community, therefore to the mobile Internet, for the most sensitive.

“frankly surprised out in a cold sweat. No matter how good are you in front of the mobile Internet big wave, a little oversight, may is a month may capsize. Don’t watch a lot of companies are like the big, strong, in fact, is likely to be vulnerable, so want to report the industry evolution in the heart of fear, afraid to do every thing, do the service well.” Ma said.

the evaluation company has got the tickets of the mobile Internet. To this, ma said, this is the outside world to tencent the tickets, I think, or worried, because only a platform ticket. Can you take to finish? I don’t know. Is a person go up, or a team up? I don’t know. There are a lot of people crowded up, is live in harmony, or the last fight? Don’t know.

“we in the future is full of unknown, but we still have a lot of passion, have interest to explore. I think it’s better is that it is unknown, this industry is a booming industry, a lot of people have the opportunity to together on this ship.” Ma said.