Ma: the Internet is one of the best means to impact

alibaba group chairman jack ma today hangzhou “create e-commerce healthy environment”, said the Internet is one of the best means to impact, e-commerce itself is neither fraud, but a best mirror to distinguish tort. Alibaba in protecting intellectual property investment uncapped “on”, “how much how much.”

at present, alibaba to protect intellectual property rights related team members more than 2000 people, each in the network information security management inputs manpower, technical support cost is over one hundred million yuan.

on the same day, public security, industry and commerce, quality supervision, the national copyright administration, administrative law enforcement of intellectual property rights bureau and other departments with alibaba group, launched more closely, the depth of the long-term and effective cooperation mechanism. Under the new system of cooperation, the online protection of intellectual property will be changed from “later transferred to the” instant messaging “, by “mutual notification” into “information sharing”, from “themselves” to “work together”, from “agreement” to “system specification”.

alibaba group chief risk officer shao xiaofeng thinks, the technical advantages of the Internet and relevant department of professional administrative law enforcement ability unifies, has an obvious effect on the protection of intellectual property, is expected to finally eradicate social fake and the phenomenon of infringement of intellectual property rights, so as to build a commercial credit system in China.

jack ma said, we have to realize the double hundred million strategy, to help China, was born in 1 million sales of more than 1 million small and beautiful sellers, intellectual property infringement is the biggest obstacle, so must be related to the obligee, consumers and regulators to establish effective rights protection system. “We will provide accurate information to the dark forces behind the dig out fake goods manufacturing base, to forge a global initiative, effective protection of intellectual property rights cooperation mechanism.”

the ministry of public security, economy took qing-feng meng said, alibaba group, as one of the world’s most influential e-commerce enterprises, actively to meet the Internet infringement of intellectual property rights, the responsibility of the enterprise to implement e-commerce, fully safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, will certainly play a positive demonstration effect. “The ministry of public security bureau of economic investigation will seriously involved in the cooperation mechanism, at the same time, we also hope to all is willing to bear the social responsibility of enterprises, strengthen pragmatic cooperation, give play to their respective advantages, create a new situation of the online form potential on the protection of intellectual property.”

2010, alibaba group started in the relevant administrative law enforcement, the rights to offline. In 2012 alone, alibaba will provide clues to the police involved 72 brand commodity information, the total amount is 170 million yuan, the total number of 324 people, captured suspect gangs number 43.

in recent years, alibaba group established a whole set of information from infringing goods found, forensics, confirmation, delete, punishment rights protection system. In 2012, alibaba group processing infringing goods information 94 million, punish members of more than 950000 people.