Ma Posting: to micro letter where the hit, hit the dozen dozen

alibaba retirement “director” ma in internal Posting, said alibaba launched between because micro letter “invading” ali’s turf. Rather than passive, active resistance. Ma rhetoric in the post, say to hit a micro turf.

the following text is derived from the ma in ali internal sharing:

“ali, the development of wireless Internet is calculated by the hour. The more broad prospects, the more you have to present the execution of cruelty. A month did not surprise result is horrible, three months without result is to die! After six months of matter is the vision. Because your way from nine to five work in 2013-2015 is suicide. Today, the weather changed, out of the Antarctic penguin, they are trying to adapt to the hot weather, let the world become they adapt to the climate, rather than waiting for murder, to kill than Antarctica. Home to people fight, just hit the hit, the hard fall. “

“brothers have fun! WeChat IM was not ours. To take back to the Antarctic penguin! Move! We will count the efforts of everyone at the end of November and December we winter offensive to be more fierce. Tomorrow in the summer, we want to see the fire to the South Pole. This is a everyone can take part in the game to play. To install, and escort on chat in the evening, to let the world see ali people crazy. Let them know how crazy of ali!!!! Let know penguins, and not easy!”

on September 23, and the official launch. In order to promote, ali from September 23 to 25, three days, for the user, including “local tyrants gold” iPhone5S various prizes, to nearly 10 million the cumulative amount of budget. Not only that, in the upcoming double tenth a activities, Tmall inside still in planning to do promotion, to drive the product users and visibility.

after hunting cloud network reported, according to sources from alipay until late October 21. Alibaba’s camp of mobile IM applications and users new increase of 5.12 million. Ali internal high pressure to promote policies that the preliminary results.