Ma: operators statistics was wrong WeChat flow rarely

ma pointed out in IT leaders summit, WeChat future harmonious development and operation of chamber of commerce, at the same time, he thought the operator said WeChat occupy large flow is wrong, operators statistical data is wrong.

this is ma spokesman

in short, Mr. Chang, chairman of the speak very well, I think is definitely not fire and water. I think with sex, cozy, promote more development, who also won’t leave who understand it better.

this month, most recently many people asked me this question, including online also has a lot of articles every day, I also wonder how so many write by hand this topic, we still want to low-key, as far as possible more is a harmonious win-win train of thought. But it does a lot of argument will be pretty challenging, many people still don’t understand.

I said I don’t repeat today in the outside, may speak some new conditions. WeChat, in fact, is the development of a new thing, how much he will evolve and have what problem we also in groping about very much flow and some operators will reflect flow do not match, we take up more of signaling is traditional 2 G and 2.5 G network, as the 3 G network should swim blade enough to spare.

but we will not abuse like this, we use how much time it would take for signaling traffic, we also made a internal investigation, we found that the operators statistics wrong, only their server traffic statistics, in fact there are many flow amount is including the head of our images, we are distributed, the server is CDN network spread out, so didn’t calculate the statistics, the count, in fact, there are three times as much space, but this might use efficiency is not high enough.

we also have a should be included in the calculation, is our outside the chain, you can see you use micro letter see many links embedded into music, video, this is a micro letter traffic, but there is no statistically, because it is outside the chain, I believe there will be 1 times the growth space. As the product is doing better, absolutely is not only bring traffic growth WeChat itself consumption flow so simple, is the growth of the number of times, dozens of times.