Ma misread China mobile!

in China (shenzhen) on March 31, IT leaders summit aimed at WeChat impact on operators, ma and gives a new explanation, here are his speech activity:

about signaling take up the question, we take up more of signaling is on the traditional 2 G and 2.5 G network, the comparison on the 3 G network. But we will not abuse, we use time of signaling, brings much traffic and also do a survey. We found that the operator before the statistics are wrong, they only tencent server traffic statistics, in fact, there are a lot of traffic is the images, including the head of our, we are distributed, the server is the CDN network, so operator didn’t compute the statistics, the count, in fact, there are three times as much space.

we also have a should be included in the calculation, is our outside the chain, you can see, WeChat has many links embedded in the music, video, this is all WeChat traffic, but because it is outside the chain, so there is no statistically, I believe there will be 1 times the growth space. As the product is doing better, absolutely is not only bring traffic growth WeChat itself consumption flow so simple, is the growth of the number of times, dozens of times.

the core meaning of ma operators are wrong, my WeChat though your some signaling resources but I brought you the traffic there is absolutely no statistics you so little, if you count the distribution on the outside of CDN network traffic and calculate WeChat link chain outside flow, give you my WeChat operator traffic at least six times more than your statistics. I brought you so much traffic, you can charge more for so much traffic, you should thank me.

LaoJi think, ma still standing in the Internet vendor’s perspective, he saw the traffic growth micro letter, did not think of, the growth is also China mobile’s pain points.

don’t know if you have noticed, talking about the problem of micro letter, China mobile’s reaction to the most intense, chairman of the board of directors President Mr Xi and Mr Li are delivered speeches criticized micro letter. China unicom is much relative ease, China unicom chairman chang xiaobing said in different situations, operators and tencent not OTT companies such as fire and water relations, he personally more looking forward to become a sex relationship. China telecom’s top officials never publicly table.

so, why the same operator, China mobile to WeChat then “hate”? Recently, LaoJi also consulted some in the industry, generally manage a clue:

first of all, China mobile, the largest data business accounts for the highest percentage of revenue. LaoJi checked the three operators in the first half of 2012, China mobile data business income has accounted for 28.5% of revenue, and China unicom and China telecom only 19.9% and 19.9% respectively. WeChat up after that is to say, the “fat” China mobile was cut down the “meat” is the most, is the most painful, of course.

however, if in accordance with the logic of ma WeChat although alternative text, but also brought China mobile at least a lot of data flow, the so-called loss, although reduce, also not the ceiling?

the secret lies in WeChat actually brought about by the huge data traffic. It reminds me of the 2008 iPhone 3 g version listed after the explosive growth of mobile data traffic, almost didn’t put the exclusive introduction of the iPhone was American operators AT& T make dead past.

truth is micro letter traffic, China mobile not digest the interests of not too big. Why do you say that?

about mobile data business, is to pass the mobile terminal and the realization of data exchange between the base station, but the base station where data is come from? It is not from heaven, but from the core of the underground network, through the backbone transmission to come over. So, backbone in whose hands? Due to historical reasons, 90% are in the hands of two operators of telecom and unicom, mobile plus its most tietong is 10%. Therefore, the mobile need to settlement between networks with telecom and China unicom, be they two pull a hair.

this is not the end. Ma also said, micro believe there are many outside the chain, such as to jump to the extranet site such as sina, sohu, netease, then need to visit the sites of IDC servers, these servers are in where? 95% is in telecom and unicom’s room. Thus, moving to the second being telecom and China unicom life. LaoJi estimates when Mr Ma about outside the chain, chairman chang xiaobing may laugh, if China mobile chairman xi guohua is present, estimated to teeth.

here estimates that you may know, China mobile has 70% of China’s users, also have a flow rate of the fastest growing mobile network, it should be on principle also has 70% of the backbone and IDC resources reasonably. But due to the unreasonable break-up, it’s actually less than 10% of resources! You let it go back to the “flow monster” WeChat, how can it back to it?

the management decision-making and questionable point, is very immature to China mobile td-scdma licenses. Until now, the TD network coverage is still not ideal, the Internet speed is not much faster than 2.5 G, it also makes a lot of China mobile users while holding the TD mobile phones, but most of the time still in mobile 2 G/2.5 G Internet access. Original mobile 2 G/2.5 G network is already saturated, and combined with the micro letter so large amount of data, the user experience is not bad to blame? Here, LaoJi seemed to see again when Mr Ma defended “on the issue of the footprint of signaling, we take up more of signaling is on the traditional 2 G and 2.5 G network, more comfortable” on the 3 G network, chang xiaobing smile, and scenes of xi guohua, grinding his teeth. Due to the relatively clear 2 g and 3 g number, and the 3 g traffic give more subsidy policy, unicom and telecom basically can guarantee data traffic running in the broad avenue, 3 g, less cost flow of telecom business and message to trail run 2 g.

about signaling in front of people have said a lot, LaoJi here no longer here, in brief the characteristics of the micro letter “always on”, and China mobile’s network of holes. Make a phone call, as you know, is need signalling network transfer instructions, send text messages to take up is also a network of free space. With LaoJi my feeling, since the second half of last year, the original keep a leading mobile network on voice and text messages not: connect more and more difficult, also as if there is no original receiving messages as fast. In recent two years, LaoJi friend already has more than 100 people in the “defect” to the unicom and telecom.

today, estimates Mr Xi can only sing “fa hai fa hai, you do not understand love.

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