Ma has stepped down as CEO last lecture (full) : believe young people are the future


jack ma:

hello, thank you, thank you, from all over the country, from the United States, Britain, India’s colleague, thank you came to hangzhou, thank you all for taobao’s 10th anniversary. Today is a very special day, but for me, I’m looking forward to this day for many years, has recently been thinking, in this meeting with all colleagues, friends, and give him, all the partners, what should I say.

but also very strange, just like the girl looking forward to the wedding, the bride married on this day, in addition to giggle, I don’t know what to do. We are very lucky people, ten years ago today is SARS (SARS) in China is the most dangerous time, all people have no confidence. But ali young people, we believe that after ten years of China will be better, after ten years of electronic commerce will be attention by more people in China, many people will use, but I didn’t expect, ten years later we became what it is today.

this decade countless people pay a heavy price, in order to ideals, in order to adhere to, to walk for ten years, I have been thinking about it, even if now alibaba group 99% things off, we are still worth it, this life without regret, what’s more, we have so many friends today, so many people believe, so many people insist on.

what is it that we have today, what makes Ma Yunyou today, I have no reason to succeed, ali is no reason to succeed, taobao is no reason to success, but today we had walked for so many years, is still in the future is full of ideal, in fact I think is a kind of trust.

when all people don’t believe in this world, all people don’t believe in the future, we chose to believe that we choose our trust, our choice of China’s ten years later will be better, we choose to believe, my colleague will do better than me, I believe that young people in China would do better than us.

20 years ago, ten years ago, I never thought that I can not believe myself, I especially thank my colleagues to trust me, when the CEO is hard, but when the CEO it is harder to employees. But now, you will from one you have never heard the name of “scent of a woman,” here, pay her to buy a something you have never seen, after thousands of hundreds of kilometers, with a people you don’t know in your hands.

today China has the trust, believe, every 2400 all taobao’s deal means that in China there are 2400 than a trust in circulation, till all the ali, taobao, small micro gold, in particular, I proud of you, this life with you do colleagues, next life we are colleagues. Because of you, let the time see the hope, here you will like China, rates after all, you in establishing a new trust, this trust would make the world more open and more transparent, more sharing, more responsibility, I am proud of you.

today’s world is a changing world, thirty years ago we didn’t think anyone would be so today, everyone thought that China will become a manufacturing power, who thought that computers would deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, who have the Internet in China is developing so well, no one thought of taobao will rise, who had expected netscap will fall, no one thought that yahoo will have today.

this is a changing world, we didn’t think anyone can we gather here today, you can continue to think about the future, I told everyone believe that the computer is fast enough, faster Internet, many people didn’t understand what is PC the Internet, mobile Internet is coming, we haven’t understand mobile interconnection, big data era again.

change of era is the era of young people, many young people today like countless baidu, Google company, tencent, take away a lot of opportunities.

ten years ago we saw countless great company, we have been also confused, we have a choice, but 10 years insist, persistent, we go today, if not be a time of change, all young people round here less than you, the industrial age are often by seniority.

because we hold all of the changes, we did not see the future, the future 30 years, the world, the Chinese will have more changes, this change is an opportunity for everyone to seize this opportunity, we have a lot of people complain yesterday, the problem of thirty years ago, China’s development to today, who have no experience, until today in development of the world, who have no experience, we have no way to change yesterday, but after 30 years of today is our guys decide today, change yourself, start from the intravenous drip, adhere to the ten years, this is everybody’s dream.

I would like to thank you, The Times of change, I thank the millions of people to complain, complaining because in others, will have the opportunity, only the era of change, is everyone to see what you have, what, should give up something you want.

participate in the construction of alibaba for 14 years, my pleasure, I am a businessman, mankind has entered the commercial society today, but it’s a pity that the world merchants didn’t get the respect they deserve, businessmen in this day and age is not a mercenary era. I think we like any a professional, as an artist, educator, politician, as we are in our best effort, to improve the society.

14 years of business, let me know how the life, let me know what is hard, what is insist, what is a responsibility, what is a successful, others are his success. We are looking forward to most is the employee’s smile.

from today after twelve o ‘clock in the evening, I will not be CEO , starting tomorrow, business is my amateur, I am very proud of fourteen years in business for yourself, see you, see young people in China, I hope one day we these people not to middle-aged “a” to our lost, this world no one can grasp your GongWu years, no one who could say you will, you will not old, you will not confused, solve the unbeaten, not old, don’t you confused the only way to believe that young people, because they believe, is to believe in the future.

so I will not return to alibaba CEO , I also don’t come back, back is useless because I came back, you will do even better, make the company to the scale, little self-esteem I am proud, but the contribution to the society, our company has just started, all the people we are all very excited, ali is very hard, very hard, but we are very ordinary. Serious work, happy life, we get far more than our pay today, hope this society in this century the company go away for a long time, that is to solve the problems of the society, today there are so many social problems, these problems is the present opportunity, if no problem, do not need to present at the meeting.

ali people adhere to the service for small businesses, because of the small business is the place that most Chinese dream, fourteen years ago, we put forward the “so” there is no difficult to do business, to help small businesses grow, and this mission to you today, I want to speak for a small business, it is said that the Internet and electronic commerce made unfair, but I understand it, the Internet really made fair, have all provinces, municipalities and regions where provide tax breaks for small businesses, start-ups, the Internet gives small businesses the opportunity to enjoy some three to five years for five or six billions of users, they call together with small businesses pursuing equality, small businesses need is 500 dollars, please all the people support them, ali they will become China’s largest taxpayer in the future.

thank you, I will be engaged in some of my interests, education, environmental protection, just that song “at Heal The World “, and this World a lot of things we can’t do it, The Obama is a World, but too many people when Obama himself, this World everyone to do his own a job, do your are interested in The job is great, we work together, in addition to work, to improve China’s environment, make water is clear and blue sky, let The food security, come on, everybody.

I am very honored to introduce ali team in the future, they work together with me for many years, they more than I know yourself, Mr. Lu worked 13 years, has experienced a lot of jobs in alibaba group, has experienced many hardships, should speak 13 years, tears and laughter are the same, by jack ma, the location is very difficult, I can go to today is everyone’s trust, because trust, so simple.

I believe, I also ask all like to support me, support the new team, support for Mr. Lu, like trust me trust the new team, trust Mr. Lu, thank you, start tomorrow, I will have my own new life, I was lucky, in my 48 years of age, I can leave my job, everyone here you will also be 48 before the age of work is my life, tomorrow will be my life work, welcome Mr. Lu.