Ma handsome appearance taobao party ten years with the 30000 people to sing “friend”

“in a word, a lifetime, a lifetime feeling, a glass of wine!”

taobao the 10th anniversary of the big PARTY scene, wearing a silver coat, wearing a black glasses and a cowboy hat, fashionable man ma can accommodate 3 the huanglong sports center of people into his resign farewell “concert”, in the first use a soprano song “I love you China” point after the passion, then use another emil chau “friend”, that more than thirty thousand alibaba “happy youth” to the boil.

taobao’s ten years of development has witnessed the Chinese consumption patterns change, and the whole development process of China’s electricity business ecosystem from scratch for ten years. 2003 years starting from scratch, to 2012 years taobao trillion-dollar Tmall clinch a deal amount, become the world’s largest online retail market, jack ma and his taobao let the world witnessed the speed of China’s e-commerce.

however, 2013 , 1 month, ma announced resign alibaba group message. Mr Ma said the and years, ali’s performance makes me proud, but more to his surprise, ali the growth of the people. “Ali young dream more beautiful than me, more brilliant, more have the ability to create their own tomorrow.”

4 month, alibaba announced Mr. Lu will replace Mr. Ma, President of alibaba group’s New message. However, ali group, says Mr Ma’s resignation does not represent the left ali, he in the 5 on 10 number after alibaba chairman of the board will be full-time position.

a friend, may be the ma in taobao decade the party making a new commitment to live all ali. Alibaba “so” there is no such thing as a difficult business dream will continue.