Ma first response: ali listing must be quite the partnership

on September 11, hunting cloud network news, according to a report in the Hong Kong economic journal, listed on alibaba site, company founder jack ma yesterday for the first time open response. He stressed that, whichever group eventually choose where listed, site must support their “partners” system.

“we don’t care where is listed, but we care about the place where we listed, must support the openness, innovation, responsibility, and promoting the long-term development of the culture.” Mr Ma yesterday wrote in the letter to employees.

Mr Ma has also explained the concept of “partner” in the letter, and the importance of the company.

but at the same time with the hkex group discussion also is Mired see-saw, also read the market, jack ma, move behind the subtext, might be to draw the bottom line, including Hong Kong, exchange system is not back down, seems to suggest that if not cooperate, listing will be he choose another.

group, a spokesman for Mr Ma by 14 anniversary of the founding of the company, explained to employees partner system in detail, and the significance for the future development of the group and the industry. Jack ma, it seems, will continue to support the above culture, trust will be “partners” of the company. He the truth, the control of the future, must be the inheritance of alibaba mission partners of culture, because it can be more beneficial for the long-term development group.

in the alibaba group listed within this year, the fastest to the hkex suggest its listing plan, partners can nominate the majority of the board, but is seen as detrimental to the interests of the investors, may not be approved. , the group also has been with the New York stock exchange, therefore has not determined the final listing destination.

alibaba since last September after completion, buy back yahoo’s stake in the market has been speculation about its plans in Hong Kong or New York, is time for Mr Ma comments listed for the first time.

jack ma explain again, love and defend the partner of the company culture, can resist the external pressure of competition and the pursuit of short-term interests, make up for the capital market is the trend of the pursuit of short-term profit to the enterprise long-term development, bring a better long-term returns for all shareholders.

as for the partner, Mr Ma also openly for the first time, the said partner system since 2010 – and they are the company’s management and shareholders, also most likely to stick to the company mission and long-term interests, at present a total of 28 partners. Employees want to be a partner, he said, had to work on alibaba for 5 years or above, leadership and contribute to the company development, highly agree with the company culture, and describe the basis of partner system “open and transparent”.

jack ma said that China’s e-commerce market in the future in a breakthrough 10 trillion yuan, but alibaba to launch more successful products, such as taobao, pay treasure to partners, there must be agree with alibaba culture lead the company to market innovation, to stay flexible and competitive.

here is Mr. Ma in internal email full text:

alibaba partner!



you must be from the media recently, listen to a lot of control system and after company listed on alibaba partners. Today is the 14 years anniversary of alibaba, as it happens in this meaningful day, report to you check on alibaba partner system.

14 years ago today, alibaba founder of 18 officially on the path of entrepreneurship. Four years ago, that is, when the tenth anniversary of alibaba, we announced that 18 group founder resigned as “founder” identity, starting from scratch, for the future.

always dead the day in my life. The founder of alibaba has a variety of reasons will leave the company. We are very understand company to go to today, not 18 founders, but they create culture make the company different. Most companies after losing founder culture, will quickly fall into a mediocre business company. We hope that alibaba can go further.

if you are not a big surprise, our company will have the opportunity to participate in and bear witness to China’s e-commerce retail 10 trillion that day. But we don’t want to be a company just can sell trillions of goods, we hope you can in the future development, continuously produce countless like taobao, pay treasure to balance Po… More innovative services and products, hope we can make more in the future the ecological culture of bovine XXX company. This is what we really want.

what kind of system innovation to realize our dreams? Since 2010, the group began trial operation within the management team “partner” system, every year to select new partners to join. Partner, as the company’s operators, builder of the business, cultural heritage, and shareholders, is most likely to stick to the company’s mission and long-term interests, for customers, employees and shareholders to create long-term value. In the past three years, our serious discussion partner to the articles of association, in the first three batch of 28 partners in the process of the election, for each candidate fierce debate, important decisions on the company further discussion, accumulated a lot of experience. On the basis of 3 years of trial operation, we can believe alibaba partner system officially!

produce must be based on alibaba partner – “in alibaba work five years, have good leadership skills, highly agree with the company culture, and to have positive contributions to the development of the company is willing to go to great lengths to” the transmission of cultural and mission for the company. We believe that there is only one love company, mission-driven, insist on defending ali culture group, was able to resist the external pressure of various kinds of competition and the pursuit of short-term profits.

is different from most of the current partner in the system, we set up is not an interest group, more is not in order to better control the authority of the company, but the enterprise internal dynamic mechanism. This mechanism will be passing on our mission, vision and values, to ensure that innovation constantly, ali group to be more perfect, more flexible in the future market, more competitive. This mechanism can make us more have the ability and confidence to create the future of our ideal. At the same time, we also hope to alibaba can partner system on the basis of open and transparent, make up for the current capital market trend of short-term profit to the enterprise long-term development, better long-term returns for all shareholders.

as we used to emphasize, alibaba is not a single or a group of people, it is a social enterprise ecology. Operating a ecological social enterprises, can’t simply rely on management and process, and more and more common culture and the needs of the enterprise innovation mechanism, system innovation to promote organization to upgrade. Our partner system, it is hope that through the company’s operating mission implementation inheritance, the alibaba from an organized business company, become a social enterprise of ecological thoughts. For this, the group hopes more ali sprung up to join partner team, make our ecological organization have diversity and reproductivity, keep the momentum of continuing without end.

dear ali, we may not care about who is to control the company, but we are concerned about control of the company, must be stick to culture and inheriting the alibaba mission partners. We don’t care where is listed, but we care about the place where we listed, must support this kind of open, innovation, responsibility and promote long-term development of the culture.

ali person, on the road!

alibaba group chairman jack ma

on September 10, 2013