Ma: entrepreneurs a letter addressed to entrepreneurs

hunting cloud network reported late July 2

in 2013, tencent partners meeting eve, CEO of tencent ma on weibo, published an article “a letter of entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs”, which is the creative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and create value most elaborated own understanding. The following for the full text:

dear partners:

this summer, we just walk through together for two years the open road.

white paper on tencent open platform of large amounts of data show that the open platform is the user and the content, the mutual benefit of the best bridge between users and developers. These two years, tencent open platform appear a lot of very interesting Internet application, loved by the user, not only, also brought value to tencent, has obtained the three parties to win more.

in the past year, in order to quickly respond to user needs, tencent adjusted the organization structure, we need from large companies to small team, fully embrace the mobile Internet, make excellent products and platforms, create valuable integrated services for users, reshape small company entrepreneurial traits and entrepreneurial passion.

so, in the opening of the second anniversary today, I think, in the form of entrepreneurs to face and share some feelings:

New thinking of


the competition of Internet speed, with innovative ways to break through, to be competitive.

in the PC to the Internet, for the first time QQ communication, social, and platform to set up an organic whole, this is our Asian Internet companies in the global Internet industry innovation at a time. In the mobile Internet, micro letter, introducing a mode of light APP and circle of friends is also the world’s first. We feel that the world of the future of the Internet may not need the domain name, there is no need to register a url, just need a number or a sweep, qr code can provide all the services and implementation.

innovation, is our eternal youth.

the Internet regardless of information generation, never first. Both applications and platforms, both employees and managers, should dare to challenge, courage to trial and error. Just because of constantly trying, experienced a failure, to learn more, to tolerate failure, to understand the diversity. Brings new opportunities and new challenges, new energy, real-time inspired our individual and team.

2. Entrepreneurship

ambitious ready for business or entrepreneurship students often think about this question: “is the business for me?”

select “entrepreneurship”, is actually chosen this way of life, and your family, job, platform, the relationship between the environment is not particularly big. Find their own interest, desire, ideal, that part of the focus to play their best, is a dream motivated entrepreneurs, which can create and contribute their own value. This is also our national focus on entrepreneurship spirit in our country.

in the tencent open platform millions of developers, we see the individual entrepreneurs reached 70%, more than 96% of small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium and small team of beauty services with three hundred million users, innovative entrepreneurial ethos, entrepreneurship has become a universal values.

and entrepreneurs contact recently, I also often ask the question “is this the best of times, entrepreneurship and opportunity now?”

a lot of media and entrepreneurs thought, tencent, baidu, the existence of ali in the big enterprise, reduce China’s entrepreneurial opportunities, entrepreneurial risk and cost is very high.

we know that the business is not an easy or a piece of cake, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the product, capital, talent, management, brand and marketing resource is very limited, but want to compete with large companies directly, people use “dying” to describe business difficult. Luckily, we had a open platform. Open platform provides a risk-free zero cost of innovative entrepreneurial opportunities and greatly reduces the startup, also provide rich ability and resources to entrepreneurial success rate doubled.

open mobile Internet, developed a new business model, is the most closely watched 2013 entrepreneurial opportunities. Through the micro letter public platform, QQ life services platform, all the offline businesses and individuals, the grassroots team has been able to become a content and service providers, real usher in the spring of entrepreneurs.

Create value


user value, is the foundation of Internet products.

since QQ first product manager, we will adhere to the principle of the supremacy of the user value. When do tencent open platform, we not only focus on the platform for developers to the value of entrepreneurs, concerned about the health of the application content, also focused on the overall industry ecosystem, the business ecosystem.

, for example, promote social platform of value-added services, and advertising model for the development of social platform, good management and coordination of the distance at the same time, to ensure that users, the interests of the long-term equilibrium between entrepreneurs and platforms.

create a bright new ecological is expected, but also commitment.

in the future, we are partner forever. Entrepreneurs and tencent have more cooperation space, continuously realizing the interconnection products, business share, the more net interaction or content authorization from each other.

in the future, we do something what. On the one hand, in the field of professional high-value, create the best platform for the users; Cultivating the industrial chain, on the other hand, let more tencent partners on the road to success.

in the future, we further open mind. To the higher realm of the Internet industry, jointly build a cross-border new ecosystems across the screen, to cultivate the forest with your partner.

the tomorrow of the Internet, carrying more than ten user expectations, our business of blue ocean is infinite. Hope that all partners take root in China with my colleague, look around the world, embrace change, embrace the future, to create valuable Internet services, make hundreds of millions of users a better life!

because we are young, we have interest to explore, have passion we have ideal confident again hand in hand.

thank you!

– ma