Ma: character night way 】 【 ma and I do not have what fantastic

NO. 5 this writing: Wang Shuang

according to the order of the phoenix magazine reported that this year’s Forbes China rich list eighth, worth 54.5 billion yuan ma, powder blue and white clothing with a casual conversation with reporters last Friday. Alibaba rumours controversy since this year, Mr Ma in just half an hour, apologize to all Hong Kong people made many times, admitted to a lack of communication, also admitted to listing in Hong Kong has ended, “after break up to know,” I hope you can reflect on this incident.

speech, Mr Ma admitted times are different, the old rules of the game and industry ecology has completely changed, keep innovation, to cater to the transition of the new generation. “This is the age of the Internet, no longer belong to the li ka shing. Li ka-shing in his time, really good, but he is now not possible another li… 10 years between four families (li ka-shing’s long and department, the family of a new land, cheng yu-tung new world [6.02% of funding research to] and the constant to lee shau kee), will not have the same value of tencent and ali!”

“is not ma (founder of tencent), particularly badly, I didn’t do more, but time, we just follow the trend of the Internet and rise”. Now four families listed flagship has a market value of nearly 900 billion yuan, single is tencent’s market value has reached 800 billion yuan, has always made the startling ma, not don’t have anything.

listen to investors before, often with “god” claim to have an idea or creative can beat jack ma and ma, you are also to laugh it off. Behind this phenomenon, it shows that the present society, ma and ma has become a common belief in the super model.

spots ray booth: pigs will fly on the tuyere. Yes, Mr Ma and ma is more than a decade ago two sitting on the tuyere of the “pig”, you are just playing mahjong, a is a liar, a is said to work honestly.

in fact, two horses and a quality: the vast majority of people do not have the courage!

when it comes to courage, nokia’s former chief executive of glory in nokia, so just, nokia courage back end, now there is no one to guess.

nokia just for $7.2 billion to sell equipment and services to the Microsoft. Nokia’s former CEO Mr Ollila said in an interview that deal “dramatic, nokia is brave. But he wrote in his memoirs, he told the Finnish company with a history of more than 40 years by pin overseas to feel very sad.

ZDNet reported that Mr Ollila in Thursday’s 450 – page memoir that nokia management team made some mistakes, including failing to identify customers’ changing needs, and the competition from Asian manufacturers producing cheap mobile phone in failure.

it is understood that in 1985, Mr Ollila join nokia, vice President of international operations. 1986-1989 financial, senior vice President of nokia, and become the executive board members; 1990-1992 President of nokia, the mobile phone group; 1992-1999 nokia, President and chief executive officer and executive chairman of the board. Here it is under his leadership become the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, nokia.

it takes courage to admit mistakes! Celebrities like Mr Ollila, in particular, however, how to see how to think of this as an afterthought? Nokia’s position already, want to ask next: the book sales?

write memoirs and sometimes under the spray. Fight against Buddha zhou began to spray the Internet financial.

the Beijing business daily reported that in the “China star” Chinese small businesses in the activities of public lecture hall Beijing station, zhou as a “mentor” share management and innovation experience with small business owners. Enter the interactive link, has the audience questions, ali, tencent and baidu are start to make the financial products, qihoo 360 will provide financial service for small businesses in the future? Zhou Hongyi admitted that this challenge is very big for him.

“I for electric business, the financial sector has no accumulation, basic idiocy. Some fund companies and Banks seek to cooperate with us, I didn’t promise. I don’t understand, and my heart still have a lot of doubt: why all Chinese Internet companies, are now running the finance? Why can’t we each do some interesting things? American Internet company is respectively have their own turf, the network bank, do not all do pay, but now seems to be the whole of China’s Internet companies are doing financial. I can’t understand. I think we still steadfast well recently in the field of security products, financial don’t intend to dabble in the Internet.” Zhou Hongyi said.

if Lao zhou thought, you are all to do Internet financial, you all go to the gold rush, anyway, Internet financial security is first, who is not open around the network security. Theory of network security, surely the ans 360 are the boss! When the time comes you gold, we sell water, ha, ha, ha.

in addition to Lao zhou will say crosstalk, the propaganda also su ning is a very grounding gas. Electricity, all in the lowest price, all for the consumer.

according to the Beijing evening news: on September 16, has worked in gome, presently for jingdong all electric head 闫小兵 shelling suning “no name”, the so-called online same price, the high cost of offline essentially cover to online, pressing suppliers to monopolistic behavior. , wei-min sun smile to say “I don’t think he is talking about us, su ning in the latest earnings and sales growth but gross margin fell, this is what we get in return for online offline single-phase &three-phase and the cost, whether pressing suppliers, financial data can also shows that there is you can go to suning stores, see if we did double same price, and electricity price lower than others.”

as a teacher, was certainly not the east elder brother wei-min sun speak domineering, but since 2 characters so confident of suning, double 11 is coming soon, please sharp-eyed come under the supervision of the masses, suning’s price is the lowest.