M talking about differentiation pathfinding: focus on niche or combined with hardware

the author: Meng Hong

phone chat, beautiful MIUI, rice, once seen as millet “troika” of a start-up. Hardware business relatively well and at the same time, however, m chat seems to have been haunted by competitors increasingly large. So, will always be someone asks: m chat why start to after, finally completely suppressed by WeChat?

to such a problem, often millet co-founder, the vice-president of meters chat kk wong due to background difference of the two companies, and appreciates the tencent in the field of social experience accumulation, little detours. At the same time, privately m talking will slightly envy, WeChat year promotion fee even more than millet financing.

when WeChat version 5.0 this week after the release on the iOS platform. Another old question again thrown: m talking about? The answer is very simple, m chat can do only differentiation competition is a way. So, how to differentiate the strategy into practice, is the m talking about the most anticipated future development.


since this year, m talking quietly changed its position. Chat before m is a social communication tool for all users, while m now chat is described as “enthusiasts hub”.

this is a highly practical significance strategic contraction. In the year to July, users reached 40 million meters chat, active users reached 4 million. Pulled the millet mobile phone chat m new subscribers, more than a third. And the organizations such as rice noodles around the city will, also use the m talking as a tool to communicate.

millet found, originally a mobile phone for a common hobby rice, in meters chat again because of their different other interests, to group together. Kk wong group was in the kitchen, open source hardware such as diving, reviews the experience, he said: “I realized that m talking as long as you take good care of millet user groups is enough, let them find like-minded people”.

m chat think through this way, follow the rhythm of the millet growth to natural. This also becomes the key to m talking further focus. In the upcoming release of the new m chat, will be more emphasis on the interest of this dimension. M chat content, operation director li LAN said the new m chat will provide more convenient search, sharing and interest group activities.

this concept is similar to question and answer community zhihu, guide users to interest, and also based on different area expanded social interest. Kk wong said the new meters compared to chat can make a big difference between half a year ago, or even two completely different products. At the same time, more fields and WeChat spreading, m still focus on the experience of chat, group chat.

to some extent, m chat to find WeChat users “pain points”, and then a targeted to improve them.

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however, WeChat peg, or become WeChat supplementary, never bring m chat want to future. Past history, especially the developments in the field of PC Internet instant messaging process, are all remind m chat, really want to go to their Promised Land, the diversity of the need to find the real road.

“we should not take their own success, hypothesis on the basis of people for their mistakes, this is the dream”, kk wong said. However, we may achieve maybe is not around.

why millet hardware development more smoothly, and the relative rough meters to chat? If, millet can be in the field of the original hardware, the introduction of the Internet play the corresponding success. So that, in turn, meters can chat in the field of the original Internet, introducing the hardware game, get a different kind of return?

m chat could theoretically be closer with millet mobile phone, beautiful MIUI binding, but kk wong said that this way may be against with the user demand, in fact it is not feasible. “We haven’t find something of real value to users”, kk wong said. However, this doesn’t mean m chat didn’t set out to explore.

in the communication of science and technology with sina, kk wong also implies meters to chat with the idea of a “hardening”. Also have millet, insiders said the recent m chat team is still expanding. Hardware list in millet, mobile phones have box, and television, and other products to be released. M talking do? Now is difficult to guess.

however, only in accordance with the millet mobile phone shipments, m chat registered users will be close to hundred million level this year. How did “less and less like a micro letter”, is m talking a big challenge.

source: sina science and technology