Low-key test baidu baidu small purchase function search box can shopping place an order

on April 1, baidu has a low profile test baidu micro purchasing function, the user to enter 4 s, baidu search box in the search results page, which presents the specific price of a commodity information, shows that jingdong mall partners at present.

according to baidu micro purchase page, users can directly order the baidu page, fill out the information such as phone number and verification code, address, payment of the goods, all the processes needed to complete the shopping. At the same time, baidu provided weigou.baidu.com the secondary pages, can provide users with order query, return and other business functions.

but it is not how many micro purchase goods appear in the baidu page, in the after-sales service page, shows cooperation merchants have 1 store, dangdang, jingdong, suning, runway merchants services such as telephone, the future will also continue to push forward, we don’t know.

baidu baidu encyclopedia micro purchase shows: “baidu micro purchase” is baidu search results page of a web application, application introduced wrote: “baidu micro purchase to the masses of users to provide fast purchase channels, without registration, fast order, cod, eliminate cumbersome registration and payment process. Micro purchase on all the goods are supplied by the domestic well-known large-scale online mall, guarantee authenticity.”

source: netease science and technology