Low Chrome browser wars the latest alert: IE recovery

this week Firefox update to Firefox 19 , then brush in the version number on the avenue of running all the way. Brush the version number of a leader Chrome natural movements, issued Chrome 25 . Good honest man, do not brush the version number of the market share recovery.

today.net Applications released its latest report the browser market share. With the aid of Internet explorer 9 and build , series back to 55% market share, Chrome low, hit and city share lowest since months. This view, Chrome 2013 in outlook, catch up journey is still a distant prospect.

2012 , 1 on 2 , get 0.68% market share, firefox has edged 0.18% , the corresponding, Chrome fell 1.21% , as shown in figure:

series of main component is IE8 and Internet explorer 9 , build began to occupy the market. Microsoft has just released a few days ago the Windows 7 version of the build , I believe that build will be rapid growth in the future.

although joined the automatic update mechanism, Firefox users to upgrade it or not into, Firefox18 still has the most users, it is worth noting that the old version Firefox still has high to 5.57% to the user.


Chrome update situation is much better, after all, Chrome have very strong background update mechanism, silent want to stay in the old version of the user, Chrome will not give you too much chance:

Chrome fans have been looking forward to Chrome to kill the quartet, super Firefox , . But at present, Firefox still a lot of users, began to recovery.

but please don’t lose heart, the browser market share statistics but most controversial… Various figures released statistics institutions. Chrome users can choose not to believe the Net Applications of the data. After all, another agency figures released from StatCounter, Chrome share ranked first, next , Firefox only .

since statistics institutions are making “a browser market share, their expression”, we can choose these factions browser lovers also “all kinds of data, choose our favorite to believe”.