Love Pebble more than samsung smart watches, five big reasons

abstract: try it for a few weeks of the samsung Galaxy Gear, indeed as fashion and elegant as propaganda, but I still have no intention of buying. The Pebble smart watch I use up more handy, samsung Gear to shake Pebble place in my heart, also want to do more.

published last week on samsung Galaxy Gear measurement, the author through the tangle of numerous orders and cancel, eventually decided not to purchase a belongs to own Gear.

in fact, the author of the Galaxy of the evaluation of the Gear is not low, out of ten, Gear can at least get a score of 7.5 is a well-designed electronic products. However, high price and limited functionality, slightly less range became weaken the culprit of impulsive purchase.

last year, and what the author’s heart Pebble is supported by the author on the raising Kickstarter project products. The author mainly combined with their own HTC One to use. When the author to wear a Pebble, immediately to mind the reason for not less than 5 “more like Pebble”.

1. The battery life

Pebble takes about a week to charge, and Gear in the case of not how to use all need two days, filling a day filling is commonplace. The author is not to abandon Gear wireless charging trouble, Pebble also need to use special charging line. Is a frequent charging times without love, the writer, the author does not want to even watch all need to charge a day.

2. The comfort

there is no denying that the Galaxy Gear design is fashion and beautiful, but the wrist strap is failing, wear in the hand is still a bit heavy. Gear into the camera and microphone in the wrist strap, and therefore inconvenience arbitrarily change. For the Pebble, designed to support the 22 mm standard wrist strap, so the user can change according to their own like wristband.

3. Waterproof ability

Gear in theory is waterproof, but the waterproof degree has not yet officially. In rainy Washington, Gear will always let the author slightly when it rains, or outdoor activities. Pebble made it clear that the waterproof degree for the depth of 50 m, so I don’t have to worry about when I was playing the field.

4. Intelligent system compatibility (iOS/Android)

the Galaxy Gear currently only support Note3, can want to see in the future will be able to support all the new products samsung. But the Pebble obviously more inclusive, compatible with iOS and Android, people rarely because connection problem is restricted.

5. Function

Gear function is good, but the function of the Pebble almost include all Gear, can even do more. Of course Pebble no camera. But even the smartphone photos often being picky, and who really intend to rely on smart watches to take photographs? At the same time, tens of thousands of applications, watches the skin for the use of Pebble, the author finds new surprises every day, and have the desire to want to make full use of the Pebble. And Gear users but only regret face slightly open exclusive app store for the time being.

in fact, the author for samsung on the Gear into the development of energy or rather appreciated, also like Gear has the development potential. But samsung Now also need to ensure that Gmail, Google Now, and the other message can run normally. For all kinds of music application also needs to optimize control ability. Is the most important, control costs, reduce the cost, which is $299 for Gear contrast function more complete, low prices almost doubled the Pebble is slightly with a.

the Galaxy Gear can match the Galaxy Note3 use. Last week I also purchased a t-mobile custom Note3. Admittedly Note 3 is a new type of Android smartphones are amazing, can make a lot of people with fun. But I love more HTC One – the hardware design of a more praise, more portable, more good mail client, and BoomSound stereo speakers are doomed One position in my heart. For Note3, the author intends to try again for a week, but it’ll probably Note3 back to sales outlets, and the author will continue to carry One after 2013.

Via: ZDNet