Lookout cooperation with samsung, plan later in the year impact corporate mobile device security market

Lookout is the last two years popular mobile phone security software , now it is beginning to tap into the enterprise market.

the San Francisco start-up company focus on mobile device security business, announced on Wednesday that it plans to later in the year to provide the first enterprise product — Lookout For Business . Lookout also announced , the software will pre-loaded on the samsung mobile phones, become Knox part of the program to protect the Android equipment.

Lookout enterprise products give no further details, but said it will be in the iOS and Android running on, and has developed for nearly a year, and in response to the subsequent enterprise applications, Lookout is seeking permission in bulk software application.

“allowing companies to maintain the safety of the equipment, I think this is the first step is a very powerful”, in an interview, Lookout the CTO Kevin Mahaffey said.

Mahaffey : is the key point is how to ensure that in the way of nausea users to provide security. Too many security software, he says, to limit the current application conditions to ensure safety, they limit the browser to use, there are some other have onerous restrictions.

he also said: “we will not let mobile equipment paralysis”.

the enterprise market is an important and lucrative market, Mahaffey note that Lookout method begins with consumers, and its mode depends on the installed on a wide range of equipment to find threat.

“if we only do consumer markets (and not to develop the enterprise market), we will never get enough data”, he said.

relying on ordinary consumers — as well as cooperation with mobile operators, the company has developed to the 4500 all users.