Look from the lenovo takeover gossip type Chinese brand internationalization

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in the domestic mobile phone brand, in so far from the aspect of brand operation of the most successful two – millet and lenovo. Millet exposure – valuation billions dollars – from sales to join Google vice President, three steps to success to attract media attention both at home and abroad; Lenovo is from early to late has been talking about acquisition, HTC or blackberry is food on the plate and in-depth analysis, lenovo may not have the ability to digest the two vendors. This is a digression.

there is no doubt that the patent is the biggest obstacle we can not enter the American market. at the beginning of the year of America’s consumer electronics show, a top lenovo said.

can be seen from the above comments, the biggest worry is the patent for lenovo to enter the European and American market, and by the lenovo mobile phone only in Russia, India, and southeast Asia and other patent wars are not serious regional sales.

from HTC suffered treatment as you can see, in the United States patent is vital for domestic brands to enter the internationalization, millet lei jun in a few days ago also says “ready to enter the United States,” judging from millet and lenovo can actually, although the two manufacturers in domestic sales of the first, a rise of the Internet brand, but the patent is through long-term technical reserves to perfect, the two have not deep patent can be compared with apple, samsung, especially the lack of core patent cross-licensing.

the author thinks that, domestic mobile phone brand to enter the international three dilemma is: 1 , patent; 2 , the relationship between the operators; 3 , brand.

patentPatent is domestic mobile phone brand internationalization

one of the biggest obstacle, the above described the HTC and apple’s patent wars, world war I let HTC broadcast nearly eviscerated, international and domestic sales, price also has never recovered. Have you noticed the samsung and apple for profitable mobile market share, the two companies in patent litigation for more than 10 countries, comparing the two respectively of sensation is samsung compensation more than $1 billion, and some products in the United States to ban. Samsung in two events, if is the domestic brands, can be described as the disaster of a slain.

and also talked about before, now don’t have a patent of reserves, lenovo and millet in foreign market sales of larger TCL (including alcatel brand), at present because sales mainly is smart, so have not been targeted.

the cool in the league, the patent of zte and huawei reserves should be enough to cope with foreign giants patent wars. Huawei and cisco in 2003 after world war I, has been on the patent reserves is extremely seriously, in terms of huawei’s international status, the patent is not the most major problem. Zte patent litigation encountered in the process of market development in the United States, but mostly won, can fully show that zte’s strength, especially zte can do market fourth place in the United States, more telling. And cool since 2012 in North America, its first 4 g product Quattro after 4 g, according to speak now sold more than 1 million units, but has been targeted in the name of the patent. But according to the cool side, cool reserve in 20 years of patent patent wars have enough to deal with mobile phone chain, at the same time when it comes to cool in the domestic mobile phone manufacturer team, more than 2000 r&d team strength is strongest.

from the cool al + TLC, millet, patent wars, if cool from North America and Europe began to expand the international market, is perhaps the first encounter patent wars brand.

Operator relationship

zte Mr. Cheng said: “the American cell phone still rely mainly on carrier channel sales, sales methods are divided into: after paying (main), prepaid (growth), bare machine sales (less). Product sales and pricing packages need depth with operators. How to understand the operator requirements, procurement policy, learn how to deal with carriers is the first lesson of domestic manufacturers entered the U.S. market.” And the data showed that the mature market more than ninety percent of all mobile phones are binding sales by operators.

for many years in terms of dealing with foreign operators of huawei and zte, operator relations since the is not very big problem. It is said that yu for top P6 optimism is also comes from a foreign operators to P6 praise is better than the Iphone as a result of the. According to rumours cool already from zte dug Luo Zhongsheng served as vice President in charge of international business, and the interaction of the United States and European operators more at present.

domestic mobile phone brand in the domestic can rise in domestic sales, operator support and subsidies are the main, especially through price war by consumers is sharp! But pay more attention to the international market quality, and the localization of operation, price won’t work, so the operator relationship is a large threshold of assessment domestic brands.


said the relationship between the patent and operators, in the inserted a personal opinion of predictive gossip acquisitions, HTC and blackberry, lenovo wants to br is patent and brand.

from this year’s domestic mobile phone manufacturers brand operation point of view, millet and lenovo as described, are very clear thinking to enhance brand by manufacturing the subject. During the exhibition this year HUAWEI has launched the pronunciation of the brand “HUAWEI” action, zte is a huge sum of money and the NBA contract to ascend and domestic brand in North America. “The cool al” while in the country is viewed as the first camp, the media also like reference, but also in foreign countries is the combination of the media and users as ErSanLiu.

although P6 huawei, lenovo K900 endorsements) (plus kobe and zte the NBA is the opportunity to enhance the brand cooperation, but from the perspective of the users make fun of foreign media reported below, domestic mobile phone brand abroad are yet to be improved.

the foreign users using a mobile phone to stick a card “operator”, at the same time how to change user abroad, mainly in North America and Europe user cognition to the domestic brand “shanzhai”, need to various vendors have better brand strategy. Cool 2012 joint operators MetroPCS launched QUATTRO with cool independent brand logo may also be a breakthrough.

if solve the three problems, perhaps as cool Li Wang standing vice President talked about the “east Asia a few opportunities of brand has swept the world!”