Look from the equity and management structure sogou tencent fit: sohu system or loss of control

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talking into 4.48 billions of acquisition, sogou CEO wang xiaochuan said privately, follow the sogou tencent is a wide road.

the hero “ugly duckling” counter attack, the big three are looking forward to shake hands, the soap opera in the perfect ending, the media has no moral integrity.

new sogou has an enviable start. Zhang also emphasized sohu is still the absolute control of sogou, but didn’t explain himself, sohu and yunfeng, old shareholders chose cash dividend of $300 million, leaving new sogou wrung a $150 million only. The old shareholders vote with their feet, choose fall bags for Ann, add up to? New sogou is as bright as described? In the future, can only leave time, but the new sogou equity and the board of directors set unreasonable, but behind the seemingly perfect joined some concerns.

sogou future ownership structure is accounted for 40% of tencent, sohu, zhang, wang sogou management accounts for about 60%, led by wang and the management team of shares is still over 10%. Three seats in the board of directors, sohu control, zhang, unknown, wang; Tencent two seats, is Mr Lau, President, COO Ren Yuxin.

do you understand? Yes, in the equity and the board of directors is not zhang sohu and tencent two forces, and wang xiaochuan, among this is intriguing is that wang had publicly comment on zhang don’t understand, search, didn’t bring traffic to sogou sohu support, he more against zhang sells sogou to 360. So wang seems to be to the outside world the impression that not only does not belong to sohu faction, instead more close to the tencent, followed as said at tencent is a wide road for sogou.

if so, tencent and wang xiaochuan equity will be more than 50%, holding; Holds three seats on the board, more than two seats of sohu, zhang may lose control of sogou.

is not above assumption, but only if the debates in sogou sohu and tencent development. Because the sohu and tencent compete in multiple business areas, especially in the future war on video. Actually, tencent investment sogou, will only has eviscerated the search and the QQ browser to sogou, such as the most valuable map is stayed, visible tencent in cooperation with the sogou has scruples and reserved, and once tencent and sohu appeared to see eye-to-eye on some issues, wang chose to give him a wide road of tencent, sohu and Charles zhang have a good day?

the equity and the arrangement of the board of directors scheme is undoubtedly the most favorable for wang, he will become a real sogou controllers, swinging between bosses zhang and ma huateng, become the object of vied to both sides. This arrangement, wang seems as media say the biggest winner, can be excellent in sohu and tencent, but bring greater control risks. Company is a community of interests of binding, so only through equity and carry on the reasonable profit distribution board design, etc, can be stable, sogou design can let wang have more idea, extremely easily in front of the contradictions caused by unstable factors, choice of tencent in the presence of civil strife wang may have the ability to make sohu and zhang.

with tencent sogou, really is a broad road?