Look from Hitwise Zhou Hongyi embarrassment: channel power limited after all

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since yahoo! Open the door to free search engine, search engine, experiencing the change of 1.0 to 2.0, the search engine is the best witness to the Internet to promote social progress. Domestic search engine with the progress of the Internet also show “hundred flowers bloom” state, baidu, sogou, Google, 360 search, search, a time search 11 major search engines, also including some vertical search.

search engine is a strong technical tools, a lot of users are like poking fun at search engine how how bad, but never thought of the complexity of the search engine technology, ranking algorithm alone involving more than 200 kinds of factors, not even talk of the complexity of the server.

on July 31, Internet data research institutions Hitwise released June search market share data, click on baidu and 360 market share of 73% and 15.5% respectively. About 82% of 360 search flow from the browser navigation and products, has its own search source brand accounted for 18%. Hitwise thinks, 360 brand awareness needs to be strengthened.

the author thinks that baidu and 360 search is the main difference, one is to rely on technology to get the user, one is rely on channels to get the user, which leads to a user demand, one is passive let user acceptance. Click on baidu’s 73% market share of almost all users actively to get, and 360 search if apart from its traffic navigation and browser, users share of the active demand accounts for only about 2%, and 360 search has been released by more than 15% of the market access.

search engine dominates the access to the Internet search engine, how to obtain the user’s favor, in a multitude of search engines, how to let the user “you don’t have to”? Is a channel, technology and the UI, or…

the author thinks that the search engine in terms of access of users have the following several points:

first, technology. Search engine in the final analysis is a tool, a drink for users to search, search, search, search play, search tools, as well as mobile phone, computer tools. Since is a tool must be pay attention to is practical, first to let the user use, users with great ability is qualified to talk about other, or are all talk.

if you want to let the user use the cool, it need technology, is not I eat you give me to drink. Each user’s intention, of course, it also led to a search engine for the user above the judgment of the need to “flower”.

the Internet more and more homogeneity product, led to the users for Internet product, the user’s “progress” for Internet products need more and more intelligent in order to meet the needs of different users. From above, baidu and 360 search search “360 chairman” can be seen, the difference between a direct display Zhou Hongyi, one is direct display only after their related news, a smart, a “rigid”. Technology is the most important of search engines, not just rely on other things can be replaced, the search engine in the world of technology is king.

second, brand. The formation of a brand is to rely on for years or even years to implement, search engine and offline products, also need brand. Said the Internet product brands seem a bit high-end atmosphere, said is suitable for users to use habits, when users use a tool used to will slowly “addiction” to the brand, is equivalent to the user’s behavior the day after tomorrow.

according to the user, some users even malicious or navigation by 360 browsers after binding, also can enter baidu in 360, after the search to baidu search need again, both of which can tell the difference between the brand and the user has to use baidu as a kind of habit, “weak water three thousand just take a gourd ladle”, like the users only love, cultivate the user habit, cultivate customer loyalty is one of the main points of the search engines to get customers.

third, supporting products. So-called products is in addition to the search engine’s other products, a “naked” search engine, how can let users fondle admiringly, cultivate customer loyalty also not line, so wikipedia, community, music, pictures, video and other accessory products in both enrich the function of search engine, and can increase customer loyalty, can run a just why two? It’s not shopping.

as users, reasonable competition between various products is good, so as to promote the development of the industry, the abundance of the product function to use to cool. But only rely on channels to compete, slightly insufficient, users won’t do too much, because not active demand relations, is forced to relationship.

channel competition in many products competition, is considered to be one of the important means, but if live channels as the only means, may be able to get pretty data is not enough, however, search engine is to rely on technology to dinner, not by the “strong”.

Hitwise released data show that only about 2% of the 360 active demand relations, Zhou Hongyi haul 360 market share appears somewhat embarrassed, channel power is limited after all.

whether baidu, 360, sogou, always stand in the perspective of the user, urgent user needs, if light for war, ignore the “back”, in the end the war or to defeat.

the author: leave, pot net () webmaster, weibo @ leave – male (), freelance writer, focus on the Internet, focusing on TMT.