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WeChat background


mention micro letter, we are not unfamiliar. WeChat since January 2011 was born, in just two years, WeChat users has exceeded the number three hundred million, WeChat has been recognized as possible will become the future mobile Internet portal. Also has a lot of research on mobile Internet sources said in today’s society, WeChat has become one of the indispensable communication tools among young people. WeChat in recent major network media were reported to and three big operators together, it is said that the ministry is to coordinate operator to WeChat fee, per month to charge users to 3 yuan a month, there are a lot of people say that this is the plot, also there are a lot of people say, this is the mobile Internet again across the development process, according to the ministry officials say WeChat after not to collect fees, but charge only for traffic.

as the operator said network maintenance is not easy, work letter department will consider its about additional charges reasonable requirements of the project, but at the same time, it is forbidden to use its monopoly curb WeChat value-added services, such as even charge, also won’t charge substantially. Industry analysis, charge extra for micro letter is not for user, but three carriers charge tencent, micro letter for ordinary users may still be free to use.

OK, today we don’t discuss micro letter charge, is good or bad remains to be seen, we have to look at the marketing value behind the micro letter 300 million users, according to brush my weibo, playing with friends experience, micro now believe activity greatly exceeded the weibo, before the micro letter just way, weibo activity is high, every article content, I have forwarded in weibo and comments reply, and now I released the same content in weibo and micro letter in the circle of friends, weibo activity significantly lower than the micro letter, circle of friends, the same can be on the phone APP social applications, now seems to have a large number of users to migrate to the micro letter, because the letter based on text, video, voice, image communication tools to use in the form of fun, very convenient also, more in line with the public user requirements, which direct competition with the three carriers of text and voice services, in my opinion, micro letter to be a “mobile first entry will be beyond doubt, micro letter have the meaning of marketing is also no doubt!



WeChat public platform, the media era is coming!

“in the small individual, also has its own brand” this is the home page AD WeChat public platform, very frankly tell us, since the media age is coming, you even an individual, you will also have a group of people in the sound of your voice, since WeChat opened the public platform has a lot of businesses, enterprises, traditional media and Internet companies and electricity enterprises are in hustle, also has a lot of business opportunities in the grassroots entrepreneurs found WeChat, have also taken over by the public, I heard that wuhan is a grassroots WeChat large push ads will earn ten thousand yuan a day, and there are many similar grassroots play WeChat large successful cases, WeChat push information accurately reach is one of the largest power WeChat marketing weapons, message arrival rate is almost 100%, I often do one thing at a time when the mobile phone short message, see 10666 XXXX at the beginning of the advertising message basically President delete directly based on the screen, if installed 360 would be blocked, so more won’t go to see.

we know now smartphones have notification bar function, when micro letter message will have to inform you have a new message and a new voice, if you are using apple IOS then not have to press the micro letter to read the information, because in the top right-hand corner of the APP has a number tip waiting for you to deal with, so the micro letter information push to reach is quite accurate!

saying so much above we mentioned the “micro letter as a communication tool, has 300 million users, active degree is high, public enterprise, since the media platform, and accurate information to reach”, can be seen clearly micro letter is a marketing tool, we could use the micro letter as an external window of sound, can be in the local form a media circle, brand promotion, word-of-mouth, true to clients, to communicate with customers, listen to the voice of the customer and the suggestion, and so on a series of work.





(WeChat fair homepage interface diagram)

local merchants WeChat public, operating status quo

since the micro letter opened micro public letter soon, I also registered kunshan several local public, operating up to now in kunshan is one of the more active public number should be, because at ordinary times you love about some new gadget, associated with marketing will play to study practice, during my operation will focus on the public, kunshan has registered businesses as well as some other media and website BBS account and grassroots account, up to now I didn’t see them exactly is what is certified public accounts for, because of the top accounts and other unauthorized I prefer account, I basically all attention, but every day I wait less than a message, they also have no what DongJin, no mass, a single hair I also have no, completely lost the micro letter marketing “opposite points, one to many” advantage of accurate information push.

in my opinion, WeChat number comes out, public and weibo after just came out the same phenomenon, is a large business enterprise account into the last tired voice, this is typical of copycat. Where is the wind there fell! In the final analysis is three words lead to such a deadlock “won’t do”! Do micro letter marketing requires a set of perfect the execution plan to support the media marketing system, with the marketing system from the moment of construction account determines the micro letter to your marketing success and failure!

local merchants WeChat marketing running ideas

since marketing has investment, investment will pay off, with or without returns can be the result of the evaluation of a marketing is good or bad, no returns of marketing work is in play! The first step of doing WeChat marketing should understand, what are you marketing? Marketing to give who see, also say who those people are really give you pay? Here will locate on account of the target customer, the next is to try to how to get the target customer to focus on our account, and to retain those who have tabs on account of the target customer! The

I want to share is by offline page flyer, roll up the qr code, coupon, handbags, stores wall posters, outdoor advertising, such as the traditional way to promote to increase subscription customers, online can through their own website, weibo, QQ group, blog, local portal site and BBS to promote their own account and qr code, and can register some individual small, use people nearby, or drift bottle, shake the way to add to attract attention, must notice here is his personal small signatures to set up the corresponding AD (the trumpet is the best beauty account, head and beauty face, vice handsome boy is the same reason), want to retain has focused on the customer must in the content of the work experience of work and to shop!

, for example, do a meal of local merchants to do WeChat marketing, is a set of our own before establishing account of WeChat marketing “take good account nickname, easy to remember WeChat number, clear and concise introduction, the automatic reply of the fun of greeting, promote account, free or paid, who’s going to run, to release, who is a person or a small team, what a mass every day, every single conversation, what time every day to send, send the content classification, food recommendation, knowledge, a healthy diet, favourable activity, the frequency of the release cycle, data analysis, customer activity every day, reply the quantity and increase the number of users to record”, etc. These are listed in your WeChat marketing implementation.

it’s getting late, today night you write here, finally want to say, before doing any marketing work must be done to develop a set of executable marketing operating plan, as long as the support and adhere to the implementation of the system, can you just make the marketing effect!

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