Liu wei succession is because had to borrow money to shi yuzhu giant?

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a: oh, a giant’s CEO put out, liu wei. Rather than the media hype JiXueFeng called his disciples.

actually small demon, originally don’t want to gather together the lively, words, if, no shi yuzhu halo effect, is not how many people are interested in pay attention to the giant network. Line, the company has long been thrown a games company, these two years, around the giant network is mostly only bad marketing hype…

however, see some people say that shi yuzhu chose liu wei is the status of women. Small demon two sentences can’t help.

wei before President giant tube brain platinum.

the river’s lake has not scoop up ashes?

outsiders often use “ups and downs” and “turmoil” and other words to describe the impression of shi yuzhu team, but no one can deny that the “clique” is very solid. Chen, fee support, liu wei and elson is referred to as the “four musketeers” shi yuzhu. At the second start-up stage, shi yuzhu people around for a long time didn’t receive the salary of a penny, but these four people, always has been around to follow.

in Chen’s death, shi yuzhu not to take over the brain platinum branch, but the burden to the secretary of liu wei. Shi yuzhu said: “liu wei with me more than a decade, not only mistake in terms of economy, I believe her very much.”

shi yuzhu to make the secretary, liu wei stage is not made mistakes, clean.

shi yuzhu is how to become China’s first negative from China’s richest man, anyone remember?

in addition, he stands outside the shop too much speeding car, employees and the boss centrifugal, corruption is very serious, this is also the important reasons of the giant building collapsed.

shi yuzhu is a pinch. Of the heart.

ok. As for liu wei to lend shi yuzhu, that was a joke, because money is a good family elson (now the giant vice President), cheng boss now with prayer. (elson and shi yuzhu is said to have a good relationship, oh)

as for the disciples JiXueFeng, graduated from university in 2005 with dry, shi yuzhu is absolutely introductory apprentice. Ji ma of cow force is from a man never play a game of snatching self-study and then make the journey of the game. Giant that can list, journey played well.

however, for shi yuzhu understands human nature, the disciples JiXueFeng is more of a professional. Than secretarial background of liu wei, clever JiXueFeng sit second, is the arrangement more at ease.

shi yuzhu besides take a fancy to women’s loyalty, has the leadership he wouldn’t forget river’s lake cordiality.

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