Literature websites sell beauty makeup Add red sweet into electricity

on July 22, hunting cloud network news, domestic female literature website add red sweet quietly launched in the near future beauty makeup channel, South Korea imported beauty makeup products online shopping platform, and began to try an e-commerce business, diversified revenue.

in many original literature website, add red sweet main female reading, by deepening romance novels, gather as much as 90% of the female users.

when it comes to beauty makeup channels online, add red sweet CEO, said his enormous market demand for electricity for cosmetics. Cosmetics in scale, is the third largest taobao behind women’s and men’s clothing category. For female users add features obvious red sweet, have the opportunity to combine sentiment and flow with electronic commerce effectively, try more profitable.

similarly, before they have a lot of vertical community to e-commerce. In 2007, for example, to attack the tiexue e-commerce, as early as 2010 to get rid of the online reading, the positioning of military community relies on 11 M65 field dust coat opens the way of e-commerce, has more than 100 million yuan annual income, become the domestic biggest military shopping website.