LinkedIn to steal user mailbox contact information? Collective has been a large number of users to the federal court

it is understood that there are a large number of users is collective sued a famous social networking site LinkedIn that the site suspected of stealing their mail. Complaint was submitted this week Jose federal court, the accused LinkedIn do STH without authorization to enter their email accounts, and stole the contact information, the indictment wrote: “ LinkedIn without user permission to download the contact address.”

they think it is a kind of hacking, because email accounts and email address are closely connected and user accounts, they clearly without user license, even without prior notice. Once a contact list in the account is established, then a “mail” signal will be issued, including this letter “mail” and the contact person’s name and photo, and address, and, of course, this is how hackers steal to the user’s data.

but it is not clear from the complaint LinkedIn how to get user data, some assumption, when a user forget to log out, LinkedIn create illusion, immediately download let users considered himself in contact list, in spite of this, the social networking site denies the charge, they said in a statement, “ LinkedIn has been committed to the user experience will be priority, including their personal information and privacy, we in this way has always been open and transparent, we firmly believe that the charges against us and claim is baseless, we will vigorously.”