LinkedIn, a total ban on prostitution

(compile : Tony )

LinkedIn is the world famous professional networking sites, it just on its website on it 2 multi-user issued a notice, is the main content is, LinkedIn to its privacy policy and user agreement to do a lot of changes.

the main change is simplified to some legal terms, but a little bit caught our attention. Under the terms of the LinkedIn, below one is absolutely prohibited:

even if is legal in your area, and resolutely put an end to make or provide pornographic content.

in the network each person’s each behavior corresponds to the address to belong to his own identity, there will be risk be blocked to advertising adult services? We are curious, such a consensus also need to be listed?

it is clear that the answer is necessary. The reason is that some prostitution information on LinkedIn can be approved. (some people who claim to be experts in the field of law and religion, says most of their working experiences is to arrest and interrogation of crime perpetrators rather than service provider)

in LinkedIn, “professional” search function, with the help of its members can easily find information about the aspects (porn). When you enter the word “accompanied by” in the search bar, LinkedIn will automatically for you to recommend some items for your choice:

Accompanied by ms


Single accompanied


a call-girl

, a hot girl

, adult entertainment

, accompanied by service

, accompanied by dubai

the ban is no longer fresh. As early as before the LinkedIn has banned “illegitimate” service advertisements. However, prostitution is legal in some European countries, and is regarded as a judicial interpretation services grey area, there is no clear legal constraints.

it looks, LinkedIn this statement is necessary, because some of its members does in this aspect of the service. For example, look at the following message (we just wrote a part) :