Light blogging bursts are more round of financing to prepare for mergers and acquisitions

we yesterday in the Facebook , met with light blogging platform bursts of and founder of CEO David Karp , bursts of are and investors to discuss another round of investment, there are two different sources of news tells us this message.

bursts of 2011 years total financing 1.25 $, when valuations reached the $. bursts of the main source of income is advertising, 2012 years total revenue 1300 $, and the 2012 years spending 2500 million dollars.

these two data are derived from Forbes, Forbes estimated at the same time the 2012 years of spending will reach 4000 $, and bursts of hope this year is expected to can be profitable.

we get the news of the one source is a source close to the bursts of , bursts of do not need to raise more money, more companies interested in what it will do more, the market performance is more optimistic.

in addition, this news also said that in the middle of last year Facebook IPO a few months later, the market for financing prospects will become better. bursts of reason is hope to be able to consider more financing to buy other companies.

Said in a news

bursts of I hope at the beginning of the year can complete Twitter to buy Blue Fin laboratory this deal. We have contacted bursts of , but didn’t get a reply.