@ li: the four kinds of people are not suitable for business

hunting cloud network news on March 26th Cloud network hunting attended by tecent science and technology and innovation workshop hosted by the godfather sharing will be undertaking. During the meeting, lee said in reply to questions from entrepreneurs, the most is not suitable for entrepreneurship have five people.

the first person: entrepreneurship is purely to make money. Money is power, of course, but it can’t be the only purpose.
The second one: the investor and chairman of the board of directors when the boss, always ask what should I do? Instead of starting from the status of an entrepreneur, fool investors and the money of the board of directors. This around two rows at a time, long time, no one will give him the investment.
The third person: entrepreneurship purely for the sake of technology. Just consider the technical promotion, products, operations, earnings are not considered in the late.
Fourth: unprepared. What does not accumulate, is usually with a temporary impulse.

kai-fu lee said, this is not absolute, do not represent can never start a business. Such as unprepared can go to a big company work experience, etc.

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