LG’s first curved screen mobile phone up and down, LG G Flex photos exposure

recently, foreign media exposure of science and technology two self-proclaimed LG G Flex qu bing mobile phone photo. We found from the figure, and released after samsung Galaxy Round horizontal bending Angle is different, LG this phone is the vertical plane curved screen.

last week, samsung has released the first. It is reported that this phone sold for $1000, and will be sold only in the country.

samsung and LG, the two south Korean companies has been increasingly fierce competition in the field of intelligent device. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, TV (including screen), or wearable devices, LG launched a challenge to samsung.

the LG G Flex will be officially launched next month. But in view of this phone is the curved shape up and down, the user wants to put it in your pocket, is really a nuisance.

hunting cloud network just got from the foreign media news is that LG G Flex will be equipped with 6 inch screen size.