LG will develop intelligent watches products

according to recent reports, the Korea times is developing a similar to Google Google Glass Smartwatch . According to reports, this is part of the long-term strategy.


smart glasses may be as a commercial project, this means that the temporary not ready to enter the market. and samsung and other mobile phone manufacturer in the mobile phone market competition is not all strange to each other, mobile phone technology combining and watches. 9 years in the international consumer electronics show shows the GD910 , built-in features a touch screen 3 g .


joined samsung (announced earlier this week real r&d smart watches), apple (although there is no product, but on apple iWatch, outside the rumors have been flying), and smart watch war between Google. Of course, SONY’s related products already shipped, and of course Pebble and MetaWatch and other manufacturers.

all in all, all in the development of their smart watches. The commercialization of research relative to the Google Glass progress is relatively slow. We have to guess, at Microsoft, SONY, apple smart glasses products, is sure to join them.

that’s it, if you are a large electronics manufacturers, your lab no products research and development of a watch or glasses, that means you’re falling behind. If I hadn’t heard of these companies in the development of related products, will be more surprises me. I’m also looking for HTC and blackberry messages in these aspects, their secret research report or news in where?