LG qu bing mobile video exposure, LG said not sure true

according to foreign media reports, science and technology recently Argentina network Telefe released a self-proclaimed LG qu bing – G Flex overhand video phone. ()

the video, LG G Flex previously reported is a “bend the screen up and down” smartphone. In addition to 6 inch screen, this kind of mobile phone to take the same design style and LG G2 – place the physical buttons on the phone back cover (see chart). In addition, the video also revealed that the phone has a 1300 megapixel camera.

report also pointed out that the LG G Flex, to be published next month in South Korea, and temporarily not in the United States, Europe and Latin America and other places selling plan.

what’s interesting is that when the media contact LG company of science and technology, the official answer is: they also can’t say for sure whether the television network broadcast video “real product”.