LG curved screens G Flex, self-healing function

abstract: besides the flexible screen, LG claims G Flex have “repair” function, the back covered with a layer of special coating, ordinary scratches will disappear automatically in a few minutes.

after a series of leaks, LG official today formally announced the flexible screen mobile phone:. This phone pick up a piece of 6 inches 720 p (flexible) flexible OLED screen. Machine 7.9 mm the thinnest, most 8.7 mm thick, weighs 177 grams. Another flagship due Xiao dragon 800 processor, memory, 2 gb 13000000 megapixel camera, 3500 ma batteries.

with samsung Galaxy released after Round, LG G – Flex is bent up and down (similar to protect comfortable treasure) , not about bending.

before samsung had aggressive advertising the flexible screen technology, however, LG to screen technology mentioned in the release G Flex is not much, but the emphasis that it brings new features: call more in line with the curve of the face, a better experience of human body engineering, it also can create more immersive video experience.

the most surprising is that LG claims G Flex have “repair” function, even with X – Men made analogy the wolverine. G Flex back covered with special coating, ordinary scratches will automatically be repaired to disappear in a few minutes.

this technology sounds very much like… But without actual we don’t know how specific experience. G Flex mobile phone on the market in South Korea in November. But the LG have no current plans in the overseas market promotion of the aircraft.