Letv super TV one hour appointment of nearly 14000

(editor: liu)

today 12 o ‘clock, Letv TV? Super TV officially launched, global reservation Letv companies to provide real time live booking page shows, from 12 to 13 o ‘clock, nearly 13991 people in just 1 hour for the reservation. At the same time, Letv TV official announced the formation of “fans”, and start the super TV experience hall plan.

Internet users can be synchronized music as mall (shop.letv.com) to make an appointment super TV X60, S40, among them, there are 10000 units in the sitting room TV X60 will be open on July 3, 12 noon to buy, basic sells for $6999 + $490; 10000 bedroom TV S40 will be open on July 17, 12 noon to buy, sells for $1999 + $490. Each user account can only make an appointment, but can make an appointment at the same time two models, each model 1 for purchasing.

the first batch of 20000 sets of products after the purchase, the TV and then continued to booking immediately, purchase and payment channel will be open for a long time, consumers don’t need to make an appointment can be directly order of payment.

“fans will be” established, creating experience hall

activities, le regard TV official announced the formation of “fans”. At present, the fans BBS (bbs.letv.com) registered users has reached 838000, average daily 5000 registered users growth, daily access to the BBS user number more than 200000.

it is understood that the user to buy super TV box, etc. Products can be “fans meeting” member, can enjoy priority to participate in music offline activities, participate in new product research and development, the priority for new product trial and so on dozens of privilege, in the future the 19 for the fans day of each month, each year on September 19 to section “fans”.

in addition, Letv TV will also be in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, and other cities set up a super TV experience hall, users can fully experience the sitting room of X60 and bedroom TV S40 shock visual and sound effects. Beijing experience hall opening to the outside world as early as the end of this month.