Letv S50 behind the “bomb” : millet television to a race

at three o ‘clock in the afternoon on October 10, released the new super apparent Beijing TV S50, size of 50 inches, price 2499 yuan. Since then, depending on the successful TV coverage of 39, 50, 60 inches three product types, and respectively for low-priced, mainstream and high-end market demand. In millet TV just released official archives mouths, snapping up time out such a product similar with millet TV specification, S5 0 is super TV want to brush the presence, or to a real “bomb”?

S50 ultra-high price

S50 super TV in terms of hardware configuration, the dual-core CPU, 8 g flash memory configuration, extremely narrow frame design, the width is only 4.5 mm, is by far the most narrow super television; With new design of cloud arc base; Adopt imported from LG IPS screen hard screen; In addition, it also has a double double antenna, at the same time support 1080 p, dolby and DTS decoding, optical fiber output; Collocation of the remote control, which can realize touch, voice, empty rat, body feeling, and so on.

system design, S50 super TV control slightly complex, but at the same time bring the manipulation of the form, function rich and changeful characteristic. Which emphasize “shuffling” function is in line with traditional TV operation habit of users, is indeed a innovation. “By” to the same category of video together, when a user, when watching a video, can be used in a key to rotate in the same category of video. Derived by shuffling function program function, also is the user experience of reinforcement. This dynamic video operation experience, make a clear distinction between the manipulation of the smart phones and other technology products experience. More suitable for long-term use, forming a strong user experience.

the price, the 2 d version + 490 yuan price 2499 yuan, 3 d version of + 490 yuan price 2999 yuan. TV version of the year 490 yuan for miniaturization: a service charge, when buying a TV is bundling, must buy. In the second year of the user can choose whether to continue to pay. This conversion down S50 any price advantage is not obvious, is also just in the brush? He how big a threat to millet TV?

sniper millet TV

travelling fast lei jun with seven words would millet into a well-known domestic mobile phone brand, its unique marketing methods have also been other research. Although music as super way different from the TV, but it seems to many analysts, and millet. With millet once again today, Letv the game first launched S50, intention is the sniper sale of millet TV in a few days. Fight and see who is faster.

from S50 in terms of price, no doubt, and walk in front of the millet. Let lei jun is passive, after all, millet TV first-mover advantage has been lost, army and in sight.

we looking back on it again first Letv TV overall layout.

on the market positioning, Letv TV has formally covers 40 (39), 50, 60 inches three size range of TV products. Cover the low-priced, mainstream and high-end market demand. Which meet the item needs of low-income, middle-income families, and meets the requirements of high income families high-end combination.

and conflict with millet TV S50, looks don’t have too much advantage in price, but a careful analysis of three products (S50 2 d and 3 d version), their products feature gap is huge.

regards S50 provides a larger screen, although it sounds 47 inch and 50 inch screen gap is not big, but in actual observation, the gap is huge, have obvious different ornamental effect, and television, after all, is to look at.

and S50 also on exterior design millet is obviously better than TV. Letv TV than millet TV on system convenience, but found that in the process of hunting cloud network field trial Letv TV has become a complete operating logic, and has air mouse, voice, touch the remote control, and many other operation types, operation experience is different, have clear differentiation characteristics of experience. Only now Letv TV segment is not obvious between various operation types, scene and animation without any psychological hint hint, this is the place where Letv TV needs to be improved.

user is selected hardware explosive millet TV, or moderate performance, bigger screen S50? Anyone that apparently guess. Thus, the distinction between the two have different markets, not slander is good or bad.

in addition, depending on the music behind the TV on content resource advantage and millet is incomparable. Letv holding early layout on the original content, copyright, networks, Letv pictures has a number of high quality content. Millet television, by contrast, only rely on CNTV resource is very limited.

in one sentence to summarize depending on TV: exquisite design, positioning precision. He clear difference with millet TV positioning, each have each market space, just have many conflicts on the brand marketing operations.

the S50 release is le regard TV brand is an important step in the operations, its strong marketing campaign of millet TV had a significant impact on brand image, differentiation and product positioning to get in on the millet TV. The foundations of the TV business model but not crisis millet, far from “nuclear storm”.