Letv ecology: the dawn has a long way to go before now

Letv recently some high-profile, buy flowers, film and television let it shocked the industry, the latest S50 super television once again to rewrite the smart TV market rules of the game. Letv most worthy of a place for people attention not how low the price of the TV, but the pride of the ecosystem. Look carefully, depending on the ecology is not only the low price play, also include the whole of the music in the future.

dawn has now: Letv first to complete the smart TV ecological system layout

Jia Yueting to regard ecological very proud: “music as Internet companies enter the pioneer in the field of television, from the industry had been questioned, mocking and see, to other Internet companies are now rushing to follow up. As television model, with the existing traditional TV makers, Internet companies and IT companies are different, Letv ecological advantage in a short period of time cannot be copied, and based on the ecological advantages to build a new experience can copy.” Although it is showing off comments with pride, but objective is true.

le regard with doubts established today seems quite competitive smart TV ecology, this let the onlookers waiting for TV manufacturers are not great embarrassment. Letv ecological structure is the content of the “platform + + terminal + application”, the music networks shall be responsible for the content aspect, the terminal aspect is terminal super TV, Letv box by the hardware and software system LetvUI composition, and has set up a platform Letv cloud video and set up the Letv Store app Store. This is what we see now intuitive Letv ecosystem, seems to be very full, but it is only at the stage of prototype Letv ecological, future Letv ecological much more than these.

Letv started from video, catch up with the intelligent device era of the great leap forward and the national policy loose time and conveniently be born extends to the smart TV market. Look at today’s market situation, and then return overdo see Letv development of Letv from video website to the big TV terminal cross appear wise. The combination of content + terminal, let music as compared with the hardware manufacturer has the advantages of video content, and the video content compared to grab a box and the smart TV market opportunities, so happy as willing to bundle content and terminal sales risk. First to complete the layout of the smart TV ecosystem, let Letv see the dawn of the future market, however, I see road, Letv only temporarily head start, then there is a lot of challenges to deal with.

a long way to go before: ecological way is bad go front too long too much

can’t, ecological itself is a very complicated operation system, need to do a lot of things, this road is not very easy, stretched the longer, the more competition. At present, Letv ecological rivals have four classes, the first is many traditional television manufacturers; The second type is a delegate with millet to the smart TV market penetration technology manufacturing enterprise; The third type is a delegate with love in the through video website with traditional home appliance manufacturers; The fourth class is a delegate with ali rely on electricity advantage wants to be a smart TV retail giant of ecosystem.

let Letv delight the four types of smart TV ecology are still on the stage of an amateur, there are different issues. Some don’t adapt to the traditional TV makers of Internet mode, strategy not only chaos, against psychological is not very firmly; Millet is the ancestor of the Internet play smart domestic product market, but suffer from a lack of video content, recently have sued by video website; IQIYI cooperation mode with the TCL was Letv aspect, thought the aim of each different, cooperation not last; And ali platform for the intelligent TV system mode still need to further strengthen, the traditional home appliance manufacturers also temporarily don’t buy it. Rival is not a climate that Jia Yueting dare to regard ecological so confident.

however, Letv shouldn’t happy too early, leading now is only temporary, there is always a way to solve some problems, the so-called Letv ecological skeleton is just to build a prototype, to be unchallenged smart TV ecosystem, then there is a lot of places need to improve.

the next step: keep users a platform to do pull partners spread content UGC

a user. Smart TV market has just broke out, the market is still immature, especially music depending on the super Internet TV play is slow to make consumers adapt. So go against Letv forcibly bundled sales content, the purpose is to cultivate the user’s habits and payment habits, only the use of good habit, to business development, otherwise the user with smart TV as ordinary TV, Letv so-called ecological is the floating clouds.

partners. To have status intact ecosystems, depending on the need to woo more TV manufacturers, music as a key link in the process of ecological is the control on the TV system, rather than hardware price. Letv ultra low-cost to traditional TV makers sword is a traditional TV makers in reversed transmission and their cooperation. Television the Internet era, the traditional TV makers only sell hardware play obviously couldn’t keep up with rhythm, Letv traditional TV makers first to a knife, let it lose self-help ability bled, and then to the olive branch, to seek cooperation. But there are many kinds of cooperation way, value-added services into, such as advertising into can, see will not eyeball profits, but longer term the platform level of ecology.

terminal. There was no question of ecological system, sales of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of public data shows, music depending on the terminal box and super TV together has the similar amount. Depending on the output needs to be improved, pave way of terminal is more worth to debate. TV replacement cycle is long, the super Letv lu yao yao life of television, but it must do ecological to capture user base, Letv box is responsible for the task. Service charge current Letv box (1) the price is 490 yuan, the price is too high, need to make adjustments, either with 49 yuan fee (1) the price of a large number of shipments (premise is Letv yield up with), or continue to sales at the price of 490 yuan, but the future Letv box can support price for Letv super TV. The first price war can bring music box quickly occupy the market, users use habits; Second way can ensure that the user is in when to replace TV choice depending on the TV. Letv can according to oneself circumstance to reconsider, even if the production can’t keep up with words.

to build offline. Buy a TV than to buy mobile phones, TV price is higher, and buy the TV with at least five years can’t say change is change, so the TV show physical demand more intense. In addition, after-sales service is a must to provide, millet across the country were dealing with after-sales build the house of millet, meizu is a national outlets to solve such problems as experience shows, after-sale service, offline sales, Letv can imitate the meizu mode. TV is, of course, according to the sales, a mobile phone is according to the sales, television replacement frequency than phones more slowly, so the shipments of the smart TV and smartphone cannot be compared, it will need to make appropriate adjustments.

a platform. Now the joy see cloud video platform function is relatively single, mainly as a development platform. As a platform for the ecological system, also need to have advertising service platform, game platform, electric business platform, the app store platform and other kinds of platform, the platform construction is not a day two days can finish, Letv platform is still a long road to go.

content. Le apparent video industry has a content advantages, after Letv super TV into the sitting room, it will need to provide more advantages. Music has on the homemade play harder, recently bought flowers, film and television, all of these are in preparation for the unknown future TV market, will in turn promote the advantages of music depending on content of terminal sales.

UGC. Letv has been neglected in the construction on the UGC, but when Letv super TV into the sitting room, UGC strategic importance will need to be attention. The family video, photos, etc, should be through the TV broadcast, when person of the guest in the home or you want to appreciate can at any time from the watch on TV, not to open the computer.


the author simply lists some Letv ecological still need further perfect place, in the similar details very much. Future music depending on the structure of the ecological will continue to “content + terminal + platform + application” as the framework, but the content will include: copyright procurement, homemade drama and UGC; Terminal contains: super TV, Letv box, as well as carrying LetvUI TV makers partners, and can bring profits of accessories; Will cover the platform level development, advertising, games, segmentation, such as electric business platform; APP store with a control of the smart TV APP in the market, then only a rich such perfect Letv ecology. Ask profitable way, the content, advertising, and accessories, electrical contractor can benefits, but this is a temporary or a good imagination, Letv now the primary problem is the rapid expansion of scale of users, the user is the foundation of ecology. Regards ecological dawn already now, but the road ahead is a long way to go.

article/Wang Liyang

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