Letv “bomb” conference will push 50 inches super TV PK millet directly

happy will have big action again today, it is understood that the company will be held this afternoon a “bomb” conference. Listen to this name is very scary, means that must be a big action.

according to the specific content of conference, depending on the aspects of personnel under wraps, saying only to the scene will know. Xiao yun speculation is likely to be released after the time that 50 inches super TV, while the product directly with 47 inches of millet a frontal TV PK. Coincidentally, a couple of days after October 15, millet TV will usher in the first round of the open purchase.

in fact, music as the early preparations for 50 inches television. In millet television released the same day, about 50 inches super TV through the national 3 c certification content then spread on twitter. Hunting cloud network login the national 3 c products certification also confirmed public service platform, news are true.

now, time has past more than a month, 50 inches super TV release preparation should be mature. Besides millet TV sales, if really released at this time, Letv sniper millet intentions obvious.

prior to that, Letv has openly sold 60 inches of X60 and 39 inches of super super TV TV S40. In addition to its own online mall sales channels, le see it in the near future, gome and Yi Xun net consecutive cooperation to strengthen sales network.