Let the iPhone service for you: IFTTT iPhone version

Tuesday, IFTTT announced the iOS version of the mobile local application.

IFTTT is “if this then that” the abbreviation of, in fact is to get your network behavior can cause a chain reaction (recipe), allow you to use more convenient, its aim is to “Put the Internet to work for you” (Internet services) for you. IFTTT service programming using the most simple conditional statement, through the Internet many provide API interface conditions of third party sites as A trigger, when (if) the user to set A website (trigger) when A specified event, (then) this event is triggered B specified action (action) on the website, to complete the whole statement, become A task (task). These provide third-party interface sites on IFTTT called channel (channel). For example, for example, I want to share photos on them automatically saved to the impression in the notes. Then I’m in IFTTT website, set this to “published a photo” in them, then that is set to “save to the company”. Thus, between the above two applications have set up a “channel”, when I save the pictures on them, the photo will be automatically saved to the company.

if you are already familiar with IFTTT, you must not miss the iPhone version of the application. Mobile version IFTTT, by contrast, has the following three new features:

1. The creation reflects the chain (recipe) process will be more clear and convenient

mobile IFTTT in operation completely adapt to the characteristics of the mobile terminal gestures. All the “channel” can be clear at a glance through sliding up and down the present in front of the user. In addition, in every channel allows users to set up a corresponding “conditions”, the whole process can be completed in one page.

2. The new notification alerts

users can in the new notifications page, choose the required as a condition of IFTTT application. For example, I set is a reflection of the chain when a web page in a need of vocabulary, passed to my E-mail. So, new notifications, will this incident will automatically pushed to the message center, so that you don’t have to be on the mail out to look at the words.

3. The iOS version of the application of the three new exclusive “channel”

iPhone IFTTT added three “channel” : iOS Contacts, iOS, Reminders, iOS, Photos.

iOS Photo can detect photographs of different types and different cameras (front or rear), to create some very strong reflection of the chain. I can reflect the chain, for example, “iOS screenshots are saved to the Dropbox folder”. So when the iOS Photo to perceive a picture is a screenshot from the desktop, it will automatically save in Dropbox. And iOS Reminders can use Siri to trigger other events as a condition, and through the function of Siri’s voice commands, realize the interaction between with other iOS channel. For example, I said to Siri: “IFTTT will add to the list of my writing inspiration”, Siri will replace the reflect the chain into the iOS reminder list. Thus, whenever I have some inspiration, I can save by Siri to remind that list, and you can also in my set up another channel – backup in the company.

iPhone IFTTT will provide better service, and in the integration application at the same time, it also use the iPhone in Siri to let oneself become more intelligent, memos and other applications.

PS: as an Android party, I was IFTTT can launch the Android applications as soon as possible.