Leonardo Da Vinci invented the Google glasses…

leonardo Da Vinci as the Renaissance giants, was seen as the ancestor of many inventions. In his sketches, the later people found many similar to modern invention of products, such as machine, robot, a helicopter…

search for Da Vinci sketch treasure becoming a hobby for many people, including the researcher Dr Porter wilde. The researchers at the university of Illinois came across a piece of leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches, impressively is Google glasses touch kind!

Dr Wilde said in a telephone interview: “although the sketch is untidy, but words and comments clearly shows that this is the Google glasses!”


Oscar Wilde is a nuclear physicist, he studied leonardo Da Vinci has for many years, not to look for the trace of the Google glasses, of course, but in order to get some inspiration about the cold nuclear fusion.

it’s a pity that he hasn’t found a clue to cold fusion from leonardo Da Vinci. But when he was at milan’s ambrosian library (one of the most abundant of leonardo Da Vinci manuscript collection) in search, but found this strange manuscript in the corner.

“it’s hard to imagine why people haven’t noticed this manuscript” “maybe that year Google glasses are not available.

reporter contact Google for many times, have proof copy of leonardo Da Vinci inspiration to them. But Google has been no response.

in addition, according to a less reliable source that apple has applied for such patents, could Sue Da Vinci patent infringement, claim amount up to 1 $ Buddha rowling gold coin (15 European the money).


Happy April fool’s day hunting cloud network readers from

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