Lenovo Yoga release Tablet – an interesting Android Tablet

recently, the company officially released its most interesting an Android Tablet, Yoga Tablet 8/10. In addition to 18 hours of use, the price of $249 people, most notably the device with a cylindrical “handle” — convenient user single hand seized equipment, can also according to different usage scenarios provide three placement Angle can be adjusted.

cylindrical “handle” : a “utility” flat racks

the prominent characteristics of lenovo this tablet is in a cylindrical handle. It has three adjustable support point of view. According to legend, officials said the aim is to watch movies and flat after “typing” usage scenarios such as providing more comfortable experience. Not only that, this is also included in the “handle” Yoga Tablet battery, it can provide the device with 16 to 18 hours of use.

let’s take a look at the device specific configuration :

1.2 GHz architecture (A7 quad-core processors (MT8125 SoC);

8/10 inch, and screen resolution of 1280 x 800;

1 gb RAM

8 inches equipment weighing about 399 grams, 10 inches equipment weighing about 608 grams;

with Android 4.2.2 system.

is unique and strong design

lenovo Yoga Tablet 8/10 appearance with metal material, so the appearance give a person a kind of strong and durable. However, due to the battery on the side of the cylindrical “handle”, the device does not lose the feeling of light. In addition, the device of the assistant switch is placed in the cylinder of one end of the “hand”.

$249 price, in order to and the Nexus 7 rivals such as market?

8 inch Yoga Tablet for just $249, only more expensive than second-generation Nexus 7 (16 gb) for $20. At the same time, the price is us $299 of 10 inch Yoga Tablet Tablet than amazon’s new generation Kindle Fire HDX (8.9) for $80. Low prices, as well as two times the most tablet battery life, maybe really can give lenovo this product market.

jobs play a library cher (Ashton Kutcher) participated in the Yoga Tablet design

another eye-catching bright spot is that lenovo has invited the film starring “jobs” — — ashton’s library, as the image. Even more interestingly, lenovo official said library, also involved in their design work of the tablet products. In the day of the conference, library, not only recalled his indissoluble bond with science and technology, angel investors, investment in the Skype, Foursquare, etc.), at the same time also expressed to lenovo, paid his respects the spirit of innovation.