Lei jun to see MAO investment?

the author: misia
Actually see more, wander in the gray area in the early days, started with a system by deciphering the Kindle, the special environment in China, to do so is that you can have a chance. And invest more time, as it happens is hanwang tinkering with the gem, confuse the ebook s. At least at the time, ray boss and other investments, think ebook is a promising business, hanwang in the secondary market shares is evidence of more than 100. And shanda literature online copyright 2010, offline hardware combined with business model has been out there, hanwang are crazy to read, and mobile reading base and so on, the whole reading industry environment has had the very big change, if cut into the market, no matter how to have a chance.
And look into the industry’s point of view and the other is different, hanwang is for hardware, shanda is for copyright, hardware is just a channel, and see, unexpectedly is for cracking and palliative e-book piracy…

lei jun wang chuan and know that you don’t have the money, can’t and a Chinese listed company (hanwang), a listed company (big) than in the United States, they have the money to hit the hardware, that they had to mucking system, as long as the system is good, Free, must have a chance in the future. This line of thinking, lei jun has long been used in the beautiful MIUI and chat.

but in fact, I analyze the above these are all pull eggs, representing the asshole asshole Internet analysts analysis conclusion, the truth is only one, that is the good friend, wang chuan is lei jun and is considered by lei jun is one of the manipulator can be used to layout.

sometimes I sincerely saying, sometimes we don’t stand in an existing condition analysis, see the front light of light, but do not go into his behind the dark, you always don’t know the truth of the darkness. See lei jun is a dazzling light layout, but can’t see the bright one behind the bones.

I personally think, lei jun ye in strategy is more practical than the bridge. Bridge is ye imagine himself a net, and then make a group of managers’ job to do, this help managers only know ye the idea of bridge, don’t know how to do, so big more and more confused in recent years. And lei jun to army group are entrepreneurial, each is singular boss level player. Ye so he doesn’t like bridge to fantasy do an empire, but what can do, to do, what can receive, in first, look for a period of time have naturally become asshole’s lei jun, an analyst at system.

however, we only see these bright stars in lei jun, but didn’t see the stars behind the dark with no light in the planet even meteorites. I don’t think lei jun in the period 2009-2011 for a wide range of layout, I just think he can put together to do things the people to unite, and happened to these people are doing the Internet, and Internet business itself are interlinked, so it became a so-called lei jun. If the Internet friends do, lei jun has advanced manufacturing, have, as a medicine that is also likely to be successful, but that doesn’t become a system.

so, talk about something more about lei jun and his friends:
As far as I know, lei jun and vintage sold the excellence, old want to do something, lei jun says, yes, do it for you. Then two people wrote about two pages of BP, a left and a right, for $1 million each. And then do what? PPG fire, otherwise do shirt, lei jun says, yes, Mr. Chen you do I will support.

so, Mr. Chen excitedly with chun-huan wang, Jiang Xiaoyi, Li Gongyi eight king kong, back on the road in the south third ring road a broken building started his third business, the company called vancl.

this time, lei jun did not suggest Mr. Chen do B2C, they voted for the first 200000 readers, and intends to be (become) a catalog sales. Then a gang discovered in south third ring road began to work, finished, these guys are doing in the supply chain, no one understand clothing, silly force… (so, dear reader, you will throw a team do not understand clothing apparel project? Can’t, but lei jun, because he believed that the aged and excellent team)
As a result, old go to wuxi and dug a cow force of the garment industry to be responsible for the product. As a result, every guest just started. During this period, lei jun to old is endless encouragement, even the guest in the DM model, so in style picture, for so many years, I think lei jun is the most handsome is not photos of millet period, but as the primary taken online advertising.

then, every guest encountered many difficulties, including the first few batch batch, investors and even a investors to throw clothes to old and a girl’s face, scold them not professional.

so, imagine, dear reader, you will throw a don’t look so professional team? But lei jun, because he believes the team will do something out of it.

well, the subtotal, lei jun investment that case may see more than investment research value, in the online early suffer hardships, lei jun is always one hundred percent believe old team, this is his investment philosophy.

the above content, and the fact that there may be a few words, I with every guest is a founder of tears of blood pain inside say revolution history report to write, you the reader need not print all with me.

from every guest’s case, as an investor, would you be to invest in such a team?
1. No understand garment (not cast), the founder of
2. Most people only know the supply chain, don’t understand the products and technologies (not throw)
3. No marketing Daniel, was also no weibo this tool available for millet brush screen (not throw)
4. PPG was wrong (not throw)

so, lei jun why would vote for? Lei jun is god? He can divination out every object and not at all? Lei jun at the time of investment that will fantasy lei jun?


so, for the Lord’s answer to the truth, there is only one: that is people! No not at all, in other words, the team may be on the team, so far, all guest of several major founder is hidden behind the scenes rarely, in addition to k during President V + to show up. Who is that the two take charge of? Do you know?

see lei jun why investment? Because wang chuan is a good friend of his, and he thinks that can be used to layout of acquaintances, as much as what, do what, this is not important. People, it is enough! With wang chuan even make a little, nima e-books and box without eggs, MAO may also be performed, because lei jun is that this man, this is the logic. This two people when talking about investment in that year which can be so much in the future, as Mr As don’t have time to dream. So, it is as simple.

and even hang up and the is lei jun countless angels a project within the scope of reasonable wreck. Angel project is to allow higher mortality rates, and with the success rate of the lei jun die one or two more isn’t a thing.