Lei jun spent the android ecosystem too greed: privacy deviant malicious deduction

the author: Hou Jiyong

“Android (Android) is a common home.” On May 7, the global mobile Internet conference, millet, chairman and CEO lei jun stood on the stage of science and technology.

a developer sitting next to reporters seem to be some disconsolate. Not to the purpose of learning to maintain their homes, but how to make money, such as millet learning how to make money.

lei jun blame developers: used millet 2 s native android, with 100 of the most popular app, put the phone on the table what all need not, 12 hours after the power went out.

lei jun that third-party applications of excessive consumption not only power, and flow, operation ability, memory and other resources, and excessive consumption flow requires users to pay excessive consumption of computing power, memory, will cause the crash.

this is not the most bad results. The worst has two aspects, one is “privacy” deviant behavior, such as access to smart phone users that records, phone records, address book, the second is malicious deduction.

greed or restraint? The android ecosystem of choice, lei jun think this is every player in the ecosystem, including mobile phone manufacturer, application providers, operating platform (app store) is not the last choice.

regression of greed

in the android ecosystem, the first is the application provider’s excessive greed extreme harm the user experience.

a video client on general android phones, there are still a floating window after a user exit, exit set great secrecy, it is difficult to be found; Users log in a certain social network client, four window will pop up, respectively, according to “who @ you, who replied to you, who has a direct messages to you, who has a powder you”, most of the application in order to ascend, active in the user unwittingly long in the memory.


this is big company, more applications frequently prompt the user not only, also has the advertisement, lead to the desktop is a mess, excessive power, memory, CPU resources, cause the loss of user experience, also caused the phone run slow, crash wait for a phenomenon.

desktop tolerable, more excessive is theft of user privacy. Data from the 91 assistant: currently, 66.9% of the intelligent mobile application in fetching user privacy data, and one of up to 34.5% of the mobile applications have a “privacy deviant behavior,” for smartphone users message records, phone records, address book, or even malicious deduction.

especially alarming is that many illegal APP operators and developers, in the form of packet again add deduction in APP plug-in, download players run.

the android ecosystem degradation at this point, for many reasons, one of which is: not as operating system manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers have difficult as. Early days, Google in order to catch the apple, the application without audit, from the good and bad are intermingled; Mobile phone manufacturer, too, even launched the app store, priority is rich application number, in competition with other operating platform, and application vendors even expect into, reengineering hardware sales business model.

another link is operating platform (app store) no filtering function: to bad application on the android platform application store competition is intense, as android mobile phone manufacturers, in addition to trying to rich application, more hope to make money, is the best way to make money and the application of advertising into or game.

all comes from greed. Lei jun thinks, ruined by the greedy Chinese android ecosystem health, to rebuild the android ecosystem, requires every participant is responsible for the responsibility to refrain from greed.

the most greedy is the application provider: each application wonder if their users real-time online, can send information to the user, the user can real time contact yourself, no one pay attention to whether electricity, whether consumption flow, whether can cause crashes, run slowly, if damage to the overall user experience.

lei jun says: android as an open platform, to the application of the power is too big, everyone in the abuse of these rights, both in the destruction of the ecosystem, early forget “no skin, hair stand”.

the result of greed “pick up the sesame lost watermelon”, everybody did not earn a lot of money. Application vendor can’t make money on the Android: domestic large number of mobile application developers can’t make money on the Android, many developers even for apple store development application, even if apple regulation is very strict.

hardware vendors also suffer. In the field of smart phones, hundreds of smartphones than apple a vendor’s profit, even if apple: android smartphone for the ratio of 1:8. The only exception is samsung, but if the ecosystem health, everybody sights, not only to the immediate interests, the whole industry chain layout of samsung will be better than today’s situation.

the contradiction of chain

lei jun thinks there are at least two reasons, one is apple’s hardware, is “contracted, perfection” aesthetic pursuit of the perfect product, 2 it is apple’s ecosystem, not on the iOS application number more than android, but mean high quality.

how to achieve high quality? Apple as a “operating system + phone makers + operation platform” have the ability to control application providers: if there are any application does not conform to the regulations set by the apple, the following frame for punishment. The implementation of the rules have a premise, that is, in a closed system.

Android’s open system have no ability to control applications. Lack of regulatory system, destined to become a system of encouraging greedy: greed is the greed of the pass, it means making more money, the chances of survival in mobile Internet start-ups; Restraint is a restraint epitaph, and counterparts that means seeing the opponent to make money.

millet company has a team responsible for the test on the application of the tested, after the experience of application to app store in millet, millet game center. “If used other android mobile phone, you just know how much ‘application market.” Lei jun said.

the industry had hoped for “the principle of least privilege” : only allow access to the necessary user information. The necessary information to comply with such restrictions: if service providers do not have these information, will not be able to provide service or affect the implementation of the service, such as fetion service, will need to get the user directory information.

lei jun considered to be “the principle of least privilege” the moral self-discipline, can only rely on conscious, without engagement. “Principle of least privilege” originates from the PC to the Internet, but never implemented in the PC Internet.

is a contradiction, purify the filling operation, mobile phone manufacturers are willing to support, they are the victims of the deteriorating ecology: battery life is not long, computing and storage resources being used. Application providers, underpowered, they seek more time online, more advertising opportunities, higher frequency of informing the user.

lei jun think android ecosystem is “a common homeland” : ecosystem health, the money you earn, ecosystem health, you can’t make money.