Lei jun: millet, go to insist on today by 3 PM

millet technology chairman lei jun in an interview with “securities journal” reporter He Jun said, millet can go today rely on three points.

lei jun

it is insist on real

tongren temple is an example millet. Tongrentang there have been 340 years of history, after dynastic changes, the impact of the countless survive, and with his old adage is inseparable, is’ will dare to omit artificial concocts although numerous, taste, though you will not reduce material ‘, I understand this simple words is real, is honest, “said following a more simple, lei jun says,” of course millet now faces all sorts of questioning and criticism is more, but I insist that one is real, and I in the company at the conference stressed that if the millet to be successful in the future, the most important one is to always adhere to the real thing.

2 it is to stick to make friends with the user

there is a Chinese before, the user when god. But in China, very few people believe in god, so I think the user when god is actually empty words, words, can’t implement, the user when god is baloney.

so, what should the user when? “If the user when friends and mobile phone is out of order, are you willing to take 7 days for him? Don’t you dare? If a friend bought my cell phone, is broken, I sweat, I two hours to repair the bad was very anxious to find a hole drilling. To put all the consumers when friends, when they encounter difficulties we’ll think of some way to solve the first time.

3 it is to adhere to the entrepreneurial mindset.

I think millet founded time is not long, two years 11 months, but in terms of enterprise scale, the business is not small, so we are in a struggle in the field. My own view is that business is small company, big company is still not mature, always keep the business enterprising attitude. So you ask me what is millet experience, we used to be to do according to the three requirements. I think my Suggestions to other companies, if you insist on genuine materials, adhere to make friends with customers, adhere to the entrepreneurial mindset, not glide, then this company there is a big chance to be built to last.