Lee: the pessimistic attitude that charging for micro letter

for micro letter whether charges, innovation works, lee, founder of the pessimistic attitude, he thinks that tencent game the best result is that operators and operators for instant phone charges.

“to be honest,” carriers for instant phone fee “(or must buy package) is probably the best results. Today, after all, the vast majority of WeChat users did not use this feature, so you can continue to use WeChat free of charge. In addition, instant call charges (or must buy package) is, indeed, have international precedent.”

lee pointed out that kind of micro letter application charge or buy a package of instant networks have international precedent.


it is important to note that there is, yesterday, the computer society of China in Beijing, “WeChat charge” event special statement, against three major telecom operator based on WeChat fee, think this is a monopoly enterprises and private enterprises the conflict of interests between the three major state-owned telecom operating companies in the case of without the relevant legal procedures to increase the charge items are unfounded, suspected of double charge, suggested to strengthen the regulation of telecommunications monopoly.

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