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Over the years it is established the recovery process that an addict is required to undergo is noted at times to be filled with shame and mistrust, and there is a probability of the addict even dropping from the program if the environment that is provided by the institution is not safe enough. However, despite the numerous reports that the addicts can try to amend their ways while at home, the best and guaranteed place for the addict to correct their ways is in a rehab club where they are offered the needs help and also provided with an environment they can recover fully to their normal functioning life. It has been established in the event the addicts not given the right environment there is a probability of them reverting to their old ways. One of the major benefits of joins a rehab club is that the addict is given an opportunity to be treated as a whole person, they can identify themselves, and the issues are addressed by the professionals from a holistic approach where they are not only interested in the physical healing but also mental and emotional fitness.

To ensure full recovery in the rehab clubs the addicts are given an opportunity to express some of their deepest fears and desires, different forms of arts are recommended in the rehab clubs to ensure the addicts are fully allowed to express themselves in the right manner. A proved way is through the artistic expression, the addicts are allowed to improve in their self-awareness, self-esteem and have stress management. Moreover, people who are in the recovery phase are noted to face more challenges in the management of stress and the probability of a relapse of often high, but with the addicts in the centers, the issue is averted.

A key feature is spiritual reflection is often emphasized in many rehab clubs, through the spiritual reflection the individuals are given an opportunity to gain a sense of purpose and clarity in their daily life exposure. Moreover, one of the best ways the rehabs ensure the individuals are able to reconnect with themselves is by encouraging all the individuals to undertake meditation classes which gives the addicts an opportunity to gain self-awareness and peacefulness. Lastly just to highlight discovering different ways on how to calm down and ensure the body, spirit and mind are able to work in unison allows the individual to reduce on any anxiety issues that may been identified with the individual, the aim of a rehab center is to ensure when the individual is enrolled in the center many of their issues are sorted out and the best way to ensure this is directly impacting their lifestyle.

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