Learn from the pirate sites: Netflix from piracy trends to determine the market demand

this week, Netflix in the Netherlands launched its streaming media service, and hope to be able to in a few years to build a large user base. The key to achieving this goal is to get the most popular film and television Copyrights, and these movies and TV shows are popular on pirate sites. Netflix for content introduction, vice President of Kelly Merryman said, in the popularity of section of the file sharing platform determines the content of the company will buy.

video giant Netflix will be no copyright piracy video website as one of their rivals.

however, the pirate sites for Netflix it is not good for nothing, they provide valuable information, such as Netflix need to introduce what video content.

this week, Netflix service was introduced in the Netherlands, the company introduced the content of the vice President Kelly Merryman say they provide content based in part on its BitTorrent and other pirate sites.

“in the introduction of video series, we will refer to its performance in pirate sites”, Merryman tell Tweakers said.

the Netflix Netherlands is introduced into the copyright of a film to “prison break”, because it is popular in local pirate websites. “” prison break”, especially popular in pirate websites “, Merryman said.

in a separate interview, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings added his companies know that many people through the Torrent web site to download copyrighted content. It was not all bad, however, because the same as Netflix content created demand.

“in the world, of course, there are always some Torrent exists, but few of them can create the demand, “ Hastings said.

in his view, finally the BitTorrent users will due to seek a better user experience to Netflix .

Netflix than seed download operation together much easier. You don’t need to deal with file, do not need to download and turn around. You only need to gently can begin to appreciate, “ Hstings said.

Netflix a goal is for people now are using pirate sites to their clients, and some signs that it happens. In the Hastings , 3 years ago Netflix since landing in Canada, obviously BitTorrent flow down 50% .

for video services, the real challenge from introducing the copyrighted video content of as much as possible, this is easier said than done. “Game of thrones” may become the most popular TV series of piracy is no coincidence, after all, no matter the HBO what content, networks provide Netflix can’t buy the copyright.