Leak trial: apple has possession of the e-book market share of 20%

apple executives Keith Moerer testifying in court statement, apple has captured 20% of the e-book market share.

this trial is inspection agencies to prosecution of apple, the justice department accused iBookstore listed in 2010 when apple and publishers of conspiring to improve e-book prices.

widely had previously estimated apple e-book market share of about 10%, the amazon by 50% to 60%, 25% Barnes &noble. But apple executives Moerer claimed in court after months of iBookstore online, apple in the e-book market share has reached 20% and has maintained a level. If this is true, the other amazon and Barnes &noble will recalculate share. Because the us market only three big players: amazon, Barnes, apple. Google and Koba market share is 1% to 2%, a trifle.